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Applying Through OptomCAS Part Two: “Hitting Submit”

July 29, 2015 • Applying, OptomCAS

“I Hit ‘Submit.’ Now What Happens?” Written by Eryn Kraning, Director of Admissions, SCCO This article is Part Two of a series of two articles on how to apply through OptomCAS. For Part One of this series, click here. You’ve tediously entered transcripts, proof read your personal statement 2,020 times (because you’re after perfection, of course),… Read More ›

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ASCO’s Resources: Blog, YouTube, Brochure, Podcasts, and PPT

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ASCO (Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry) is optometric education’s mothership. Founded in 1941, ASCO is a non-profit education association representing the interests of optometric education. ASCO’s membership encompasses the schools and colleges of optometry in the United States and Puerto Rico. ASCO is committed to achieving excellence in optometric education and to helping its… Read More ›

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Optometry: An Inspired Career Choice

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As an admissions adviser, I direct applicants to resources that will help them with their applications.  Here is such an article.  It is hosted on ASCO’s blog and features three optometrists with distinctively different careers. Here is inspiration for your own essays when answering the question about why optometry is your choice. Here’s ASCO’s blog article: Three ODs discuss what led… Read More ›


OAT Prep: Test Takers’ Opinions on Kaplan, OAT Destroyer & Chad’s Videos

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Here’s a recent Facebook conversation between SCCO students with a pre-optometry student regarding OAT test-preparation: Melisa G (pre-optometry student):  I am debating on how to prepare for the OAT and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice based on their past experience with Kaplan or the OAT Destroyer? Did you feel studying… Read More ›

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“Six Interview Mistakes” by Michael Neece, Monster.com Contributing Writer

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I came across this article on Monster.com.  Michael Neece makes six concise points about interviewing that has relevance to an applicant interview.  I formatted this article so that my comments appear after each point made by its author: Six Interview Mistakes by Michael Neece, Monster.com, Contributing Writer #1  Confusing an Interview with an Interrogation:  Most candidates expect to be interrogated…. Read More ›

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Faculty Interviews Posted on MBKU’s Peer Advisors’ Blog

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New to MBKU this year are Peer Advisors, upperclassmen who volunteer to serve by helping incoming students get a leg up on adjusting to life at MBKU before Orientation even begins. Through our campus intranet, Peer Advisors host a community blog to discuss a variety of subjects of interest to matriculating students. What follows is a blog article written… Read More ›

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