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Student Spouse Association: Campus Life at MBKU

April 20, 2015 • Clubs & Organizations

As the spouse of an OD student, you’ll find yourself in a practice examination chair on more than one occasion during the 4 years it takes you to get your SOD degree (Spouse of an OD).  Although you may not be the one studying for tests or taking exams, your role as the support staff… Read More ›

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AOSA Offers Membership to Pre-Optometry Students

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A question I often get from pre-optometry students is, “How can I get more involved with optometry before I actually start optometry school?” The American Optometric Association (AOA) is optometry’s national political organization that works to advance the profession.  Optometry has come a long way in its 114+ year history and that didn’t happen all… Read More ›

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Class Profiles

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Each year, a Class Profile  for the incoming class is formatted. Not only is it a compilation of demographics, it reports various data about the applicants’ academics of importance to the admissions process, namely OAT scores and GPAs. The updated Class Profile may be found in the FAQ page of the blog listed under “Most Requested FAQs”… Read More ›


OAT Prep: Test Takers’ Opinions on Kaplan, OAT Destroyer & Chad’s Videos

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Here’s a recent Facebook conversation between SCCO students with a pre-optometry student regarding OAT test-preparation: Melisa G (pre-optometry student):  I am debating on how to prepare for the OAT and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice based on their past experience with Kaplan or the OAT Destroyer? Did you feel studying… Read More ›

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Recommended Reading for Interview Preparation: Some of Dr. Munroe’s Favorites

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In preparation for not only the interview but for your career in a profession where communication is key!  Here are 5 books I recommend to facilitate better communication, which always begins with a better understanding of human nature—the common theme to all of these books. The Medical School Interview—Secrets and a System for Success  by… Read More ›

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The Answer: Interprofessional Education at MBKU

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Your optometric education has a shelf life.  Any doctor with a professional degree would agree with this statement–a statement that applies to your own future as well. When you graduate as a doctor of optometry, right away, like that shiny brand new car driven off the showroom floor, your optometric education starts to age. How then… Read More ›

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