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Parents with Questions? Here’s How Parents May Contact SCCO Admissions


Class of 2013’s Robbie Simons is congratulated by his father, also an optometrist.

SCCO Admissions welcomes interactions with parents! Even though it is the student who wears the White Coat and goes to class, support from family members—especially parents—is vital to a student’s success. At Commencement, when the graduate steps up on that platform and receives their Doctor of Optometry degree, it is a victory for the whole family.

Research shows that more and more, parents are influencing their son or daughter’s choice in an optometry program. Let’s face it—parents expect a good ROI (return on investment). It is natural for them to want to be part of the selection process when it comes to the many aspects of choosing not only optometry, but an optometry program—especially a clinical education program—entrusted to prepare a student for not only optometric practice, but managing both their business and their professional career as well.2011-566-408

SCCO’s website has an entire section dedicated to parents and families: Click here

We the Admissions team are honored to come alongside both parents and students and answer their questions or give encouragement. Our preferred method of contact is email at ODadmissions@ketchum.edu

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Email this link to parents and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter and get involved! Believe me, your parent will appreciate sharing in the dream you have for your future…

When a Doctor of Optometry degree is conferred,it's a victory for the whole family

When a Doctor of Optometry degree is conferred, it’s a victory for the whole family

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