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Katelyn Powers, aka PowerKat!

Just two years ago, members of SCCO’s Class of 2016 (currently 2nd year students) were in your situation: writing essays, studying for the OAT, stressing out, waiting to hear back about their applications, heading out for interviews, etc.  One student, Katelyn Powers, decided to chronicle her experiences in her blog, PowerKat Adventures.

Here you can find articles about what she put into preparing her application, details of her interviews at different schools, and some of the trials and tribulations she went through along the way. From her experience, she gives great insight into the admissions process and how the interview process differs at different schools.

Katelyn at her White Coat Ceremony (left)

“When I was applying, I knew no one else who was going into optometry; I had to rely on getting information mostly from the internet. I had no idea how the interview process worked or what was involved. There were only a few optometry-related blogs that helped answer some of my questions and curiosities about different schools/programs—only a couple throughout the entire world wide web! I figured there must be other people out there who were interested in applying to optometry school, who relied solely on information from online sources, so I decided to write down my experiences. As I was writing those blog entries, I had fun thinking back on my interview days.”*

– Katelyn Powers, SCCO Class of 2016

Katelyn received her bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University.  Visit PowerKat Adventures for more details.

Download the PDF for Katelyn’s blog articles on these topics:

  • Optometry School Application Process Part I
  • Optometry School Application Process Part II: Submission
  • Optometry School Application Process Part IIIA: Interview Prep
  • Optometry School Application Process Part IIIB: The Interview Day

*Please note that this information was for the 2011-12 admissions cycle and as such, optometry programs may have changed their process for the upcoming 13-14 admissions cycle.

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