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What’s New in Residency Education for 2016

More and more, prospective students are considering adding residency training to their optometric education plan. Optometric residency is a one-year post-doctoral program where the resident sees patients in the areas of Cornea & Contact Lenses, Low Vision Rehabilitation, Ocular Disease, Primary Care, or Pediatric featured image residency educationOptometry/Vision Therapy. This concentrated training increases a new grad’s marketability as residency-trained optometrists are a great addition to a group practice or HMO professional staff.  Read more about MBKU’s optometric residency program from our website.

What follows is an article from MBKU’s Campus News. The article heralded the start of the new residency term and introduced to our campus community the new residents who will begin their one year term of training. MBKU hosts 47 optometric residents in 22 residency slots in our clinical affiliations across the country. This article introduces four residents who will complete residencies at MBKU’s home campus in Fullerton: one Southern California College of Optometry grad, two from Houston College of Optometry and one from UC Berkeley’s School of Optometry.

This is great stuff to know about optometric education, especially as you prepare to interview!  And now the article from MBKU’s Campus News…

What’s New from the World of Residency Education?

According to Dr. Judy Tong, Assistant Dean of Residencies, tis’ the season for residencies. 47 residents in 22 respective programs are fully immersed in residency activities and patient care. 62 members from the Class of 2016 are Resident Hopefuls as they are currently working with their chosen *MBKU Residency Mentors and starting the next cycle of residency application process.

New to our residency family of programs is IHS Santa Fe Indian Hospital in Primary Eye Care under the coordination of Dr. Keith Cespon.

In the works is a residency program in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation with a minor in Primary Eye Care at the Central Coast Vision and Learning in San Luis Obispo, California under the mentorship of Dr. Doug Major. This will be our second residency program in private practice and we are beaming with excitement in placing one of our 4th year grad into this new residency program.

Sierra Vista Community Based Outpatient Clinic of the VA Southern Arizona Healthcare Systems is coming out of its one year dormancy and will be jumpstarting its residency training in July 1, 2016 under Dr. Mark Mackenzie. This site is now open to receiving applications through the ORMatch.

Our forecast for MBKU OD residency education in 2016 looks amazing. The projection is that we will come close to sponsoring 25 residency programs with 50 residents. We are predicting a banner year for the members from the Class of 2016 in getting accepted into their desired residency programs.

Please Welcome Our New University Eye Center at Fullerton Residents:


I’m Dr. Maureen “Mo” Plaumann from sunny San Diego. I Attended UCLA for my undergraduate degree and graduated this past May as part of SCCO’s Class of 2015. I’m a lifetime Girl Scout member and avid tap dancer. I also like to row (crew not kayak). I have been a Disneyland Annual Pass holder for many years, though my pin collection doesn’t even come close to Dr. John Lee’s. I decided to pursue a residency in pediatric optometry and vision therapy because I wanted to learn more about the areas in which I am most passionate. Binocular vision courses were my favorite throughout optometry school and resonated with me personally because of my own history of childhood strabismus. I think all optometry grads should consider completing a residency as a way to explore the field of optometry in which they are most interested.

Chen_Elaine_IDHello, my name is Elaine Chen and I am from Irvine, California. After attending UCLA for my undergraduate degree, I headed further north to UC Berkeley for optometry school. I enjoy traveling (especially on a good deal, ask me how I got 3/4 around the world for $400), hiking, working out (seeking a gym buddy for after work) and music. I pursued a residency due to my passion for specialty contact lenses as well as interest in a career in education. While there are numerous reasons why optometrists should complete a residency, I think a very important one is that residency training makes you a better doctor for your patients.

Heinrich_Colton_IDI’m Colton Heinrich from Carlsbad, New Mexico. I attended undergrad at Friends University of Wichita Kansas on a tennis scholarship. After graduating from Friends University, I married my wife Logan Heinrich. We then moved to Houston Texas, so I could attend the University of Houston College Of Optometry. I really enjoy being outdoors: playing tennis, disc golf, camping and mountain biking. I also enjoy music, playing drums, bass and guitar. Throughout my optometry schooling I really enjoyed working with contact lenses and witnessing how contact lenses can improve a patient’s life in an instant. I chose a Cornea and Contact Lens Residency to become more proficient in specialty fitting and to provide that highest contact lens care to patients in need. Residency programs are becoming more common and I think all current graduates who participate in a residency will further their careers by gaining confidence by managing difficult cases, while at the same time developing a way of practice by staying up with current research.

YOUNG_CARLEEHi Y’all! My name is Carlee Young and I am from Frisco, Texas. I completed my undergraduate degree in History at Austin College, a small liberal arts school in Sherman, Texas. I then went to The University of Houston College of Optometry where I graduated in May of this year. I love to bake; my specialties include lemon ricotta cookies, the best banana bread you have ever tasted and anything chocolate! I also love Broadway musicals and traveling. My favorite places I have visited so far are Italy, the Galapagos Islands and New York City. I decided to pursue a residency because I have always had a passion for children and discovered I loved the challenge of both pediatric optometry and binocular vision while I was in optometry school. I think a residency in these areas is the best way to gain valuable experience and mentorship that will help me care for my patients to the best of my abilities. I would encourage all optometry students to consider a residency in order learn more about an area of our profession they are most passionate about.

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