What You Should Know — Optometry Admissions and SCCO

Pre-Optometry Club Day at SCCO

Need an event to attend as a pre-optometry club?

Wouldn’t it be great to get together with other pre-optometry clubs?

Want to learn more about SCCO’s program and what it offers?

Pre-Optometry Club Day is a program designed with your pre-optometry club in mind! Topics include preparing to be a competitive applicant, student life, virtual learning technology,  and pre-optometry club “best practices.”  SCCO Student Ambassadors will lead a campus tour, and SCCO Peer Advisors will answer your questions.

Attend with your pre-optometry club.  What, no club?  You may attend anyway!

This is a reservation-only event.  Please RSVP using this link.  Parking instructions will be mailed to those who make a reservation.

For a downloadable flyer, click here.

Pre-Optometry Club Day Flyer

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