Hosting SCCO Skype Presentation

Thank you for agreeing to host an SCCO our Admissions Presentation virtually via Skype. It will consist of a 30 minute presentation about our program and what we look for in competitive applicants, along with a live Q & A session with SCCO admissions advisers.

After you have set the date with SCCO’s Office of Admissions:

  • On your campus, book a room/location site that is suitable for hosting a virtual presentation:
    • Make sure the event site is a “smart room,” which means that it has an internet connection via cable or via through a computer with cable connection to the projector
    • Some rooms have better internet access so when making your meeting room selection, make sure to tell the IT department at your school that you will be using it for a teleconferencing meeting and need a connection that will support this format
    • Arrange for the audio portion of the presentation; there are two options:
      • Using the audio feature through the smart room’s projection system, which will require an audio as well as video cable supplied by the school’s IT department or present at the interface where you will plug in your own laptop. Typically, the cable is combined into one. You’ll have to hook up both cables to your lap top and check the sound.
      • Using external speakers that you would need to supply yourself. Connect your own laptop to project the sound better. You may be able to get these from your school’s IT department.
    • If possible, book the site 15 minutes prior to the start time of the event, and just in case the Q & A goes overtime, book the site 15-30 minutes after the end time of the event
  • Notify club members and other potentially interested students who may like to attend the presentation:

Approximately 15 Minutes Prior to the Presentation:

  • You should have already added SCCO to your Skype contacts list:
    • Click “Contacts”
    • Click “+ Contact,” which will open a search field
    • Search username: “SCCO Admissions”
    • Status will immediately update to “request accepted”
  • Call in 15 minutes prior to the start time to check/troubleshoot the connection and be ready for the presentation:
    • Log into Skype
    • Once your Skype Status indicates that you are online, you will be added to the call on our end
  • Click here to access and print the SCCO Sign-In Sheet Please have each attendee sign-in, and then email the Sign-In Sheet after the event. step-2

After the Presentation Concludes:  

  • Take a photo of the Sign-In Sheet and email it to
  • We will send a follow-up email to all attendees with additional information and a brief feedback survey; however, if you have specific feedback regarding the scheduling/set-up of this event, please let us know so we may improve our process.
  • On behalf of pre-optometry students and the profession, thank you for all time and energy put forth to coordinate this meeting!step-4