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Tips for the Standardized Test: Students’ Perspectives

October 30, 2012

This is a discussion taken from SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students.    Students talk about methods to improve scores on standardized tests, (i.e. the OAT).   Question:   I have trouble taking standardized tests.  They psych me out!  I’m worried about doing well on the OAT.   Any suggestions for how to study or overcome this issue?… Read More ›

OAT Test-Taker Reflects on Experience

What follows is a retrospective from an OAT test taker about the OAT.  It was originally posted on SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students: Comment:  After successfully making it through the OAT last week, I’d like to share some tips that may helpful: Start studying well in advance and pace yourself – the huge amount… Read More ›

Don’t Over-Think OAT Questions!

This tip came from Mallori Aschenbrenner, SCCO Class of 2013, who received the highest score on Part I of the NBEO board exams in March of 2012.  She’s worth listening to: Don’t over-think the questions: I think it holds true for all types of standardized testing (including boards..eek!), but really relax and don’t over-think the… Read More ›

Are Formulas Given for the OAT?

This is a question asked on SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students (http://www.facebook.com/groups/SCCOadmissions/).  Bulleted, you will find answers from both SCCO students and Facebook Group members: I have a question regarding the OAT. I am taking the exam in a few weeks and I am beginning to become a little concerned. I was wondering if… Read More ›

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