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Study Tips from a Successful OAT Test-Taker and SCCO Student

March 16, 2018

Tips for successfully taking the OAT!

OAT Practice Tests Available Online

Newly available are OAT practice tests, electronic versions put out by the agency who administers the OAT.

Super Advice from an OAT Test Taker!

What follows is a retrospective from an OAT test taker about the OAT.  It was originally posted on SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-Optometry Students: This advice was given by a student who was accepted into SCCO. I don’t think she’d mind me telling you that she NAILED the OAT—she received excellent scores in every section…. Read More ›

OAT Prep Recommendation: Chad’s Videos

I’ve received an endorsement of Chad’s Videos from an applicant who performed very well on the OAT.  I thought her comments were worthy of a blog article. This applicant explained that at SCCO’s Spring Admissions Open House, she heard a SCCO student endorse these videos/teaching tool explaining that it was the preferred method she used to prepare to take… Read More ›

OAT Preparation on a Budget

Another great information exchange on the topic of preparing to take the OAT came together on the SCCO’s Pre-Optometry Facebook Group page, spearheaded by 2nd year student, Michael Goering. I asked him to reproduce it for the Blog and so here it is… My name is Michael Goering and I’m a second year student at SCCO/MBKU…. Read More ›

How a Successful OAT-Taker Prepared

Here’s a post taken from Student Doctor Dot Net where a successful OAT test-taker outlines her strategy of how she prepared before and even on test day. Realize I have no way to validate this information, but I am simply reposting what she self-reported in this online forum. As a contextual reference for how she… Read More ›

OAT Prep: Test Takers’ Opinions on Kaplan, OAT Destroyer & Chad’s Videos

Here’s a recent Facebook conversation between SCCO students with a pre-optometry student regarding OAT test-preparation: Melisa G (pre-optometry student):  I am debating on how to prepare for the OAT and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice based on their past experience with Kaplan or the OAT Destroyer? Did you feel studying… Read More ›

OAT Reading Comprehension: Preparation Advice from OAT Test Takers

These are answers to a question a student who is preparing to take the OAT had about how to best prepare for the Reading Comprehension section.  It is taken from SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students: Question:  So I’m having trouble studying for the reading comprehension section of the OAT.  I understand how to study for all of… Read More ›

OAT Preparation: SCCO’s FAQ

What follows are highlights from the FAQ I formatted for those preparing to take the OAT. For the complete downloadable PDF of this FAQ, click here: FAQ About OAT Preparation and Scores How does SCCO consider OAT scores? How should I prepare to take the OAT? The OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) is administered by ASCO (www.opted.org)… Read More ›

Poll: How SCCO’s Incoming Students Prepared to Take the OAT

Judging from the number of hits on blog topics related to OAT preparation, it’s a popular topic right now.  I thought this information might be helpful:  how SCCO’s incoming class (last season) prepared for taking the OAT. Here are Polled results from SCCO’s incoming class for Fall 2013: OAT Preparation Questionnaire Responses As per the information summarized near… Read More ›

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