OAT Prep Materials for Sale?

If you have any OAT preparation materials for sale, feel free to leave your posting here!

To post an ad, scroll down to the end of this page and use the dialogue box (reply) to enter your ad information. Include your name and contact information (email, phone number, etc) in the body of your ad so that other students may contact you directly.

To ask sellers questions, please contact them directly using contact information each has provided.

After your materials sell, please  email Dr. Munroe (jmunroe@ketchum.edu) and she will delete your post. Ads and comments will automatically be deleted after one year but feel free to repost your ad if your materials haven’t sold.  Thank you!

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  1. Hi guys!
    I am selling these as a bundle! Price will be 200 plus shipping. price is negotiable!
    – destroyer books 2016 version! (ochem, gchem, bio, QR, math destroyer, physics destroyer)
    – cracking the oat princeton review
    – oat review notes by Kaplan the one that comes with the course
    – oat lesson book by kaplan
    – at flashcards by kaplan
    contact information rumailahussain4@gmail.com

  2. Hi,
    I’m selling my OAT Destroyer Books. I have the Physics, Math Destroyer, and the Organic Chemistry/General Chemistry/ Biology/ Quantitative Reasoning Book. They are the 2016 Version and I’m selling them $100 plus shipping.

    Let me know if your interested.

    Email: aljennings4@gmail.com

  3. Hi guys!

    I’m selling:

    -Kaplan OAT test prep kit (review notes book, lesson book, all flashcards and study sheets)
    -2018 OAT destroyer (ochem, gen chem, bio, and quantitative reasoning)
    -2018 OAT destroyer physics
    -2018 OAT math destroyer

    And will throw in a 2016 Kaplan OAT strategies, practice and review book with 2 practice test in it.

    Please email for pricing.

    Email: salinapatel96@gmail.com

  4. Selling The Kaplan test prep kit (review notes book (1000s pages), lesson book with notes (500 pages), OAT flashcards for all the subjects, and study sheets) for $100.

    These are from the Kaplan classes that cost $1400.
    My email is y2238725@hotmail.com if you are interested,

    Good luck studying!

  5. Hi I’m currently looking for math , physic, and OAT destroyer books. If you are interested to sell it, let me know.

    Thanks~ and have a nice day 😊

  6. I am selling Kaplan books:
    1 Newer (about 3 years old) Lesson book
    1 Older Lesson book
    2 complete sets of OAT flash cards (1 set is still in it’s original plastic packaging)
    3 GRE (verbal/math) workbooks

    1 DAT Destroyer Study Guide
    1 set MCAT flashcards
    and miscellaneous OAT/DAT diagnostic materials

    [msg me for picture of all included materials]

    PRICE: $40 or best offer
    CONTACT: Please email me at ericxleung@gmail.com if interested.
    LOCATION: I live nearby SCCO (2575 Yorba Linda Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831).
    SHIPPING: pick up only

  7. Selling:
    – Kaplan test prep kit (review notes book, lesson book with notes, flashcards, and study sheets)
    – 2010 Kaplan test review book (includes 2 full practice tests)
    – 2018 OAT destroyer (bio, gen chem, orgo, and quantitative reasoning)
    – 2018 OAT destroyer physics
    – Organic chemistry as a second language 1 and 2

    I’ll also throw in Physics 1 for Dummies, Chemistry for Dummies, Organic chemistry 1 and 2 for Dummies for free.
    If anyone is interested, feel free to email me at adrian.428@icloud.com for any questions and price!

  8. Hi Guys!
    I’s selling Kaplan’s Review Notes, Lesson Book with detailed notes taken from the online course for every section, as well as over 100 flashcards from Kaplan.
    The Review Notes has a few minor highlighting but for the most part, in good condition. Selling the bundle for $90, if interested please email me.
    Goodluck Studying!

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