What You Should Know — Optometry Admissions and SCCO

OAT Materials for Sale?

If you have any OAT preparation materials for sale, feel free to leave your posting here!

To post an ad, scroll down to the end of this page and use the dialogue box (reply) to enter your ad information. Include your name and contact information (email, phone number, etc) in the body of your ad so that other students may contact you directly.

To ask sellers questions, please contact them directly.


After your materials sell, please  email Dr. Munroe (jmunroe@ketchum.edu) and she will delete your post. Ads and comments will automatically be deleted after one year but feel free to repost your ad if your materials haven’t sold.  Thank you!

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  1. I have the Kaplan test prep books from 2014. There is a lesson book, a review book, flashcards, and two papers you can draw on with dry erase markers. I want to sell them for $100 but am willing to negotiate.

  2. Selling:
    OAT Destroyer Ultimate with General Chemistry Destroyer

    This includes the extensive General Chemistry Destroyer (a total of 3 books). I bought this for 250, willing to discuss price with those interested.

    Email me at mohammad.alzeir@gmail.com

  3. Selling
    -2016 OAT Destroyer
    -2016 Physics Destroyer
    -2016 Math Destroyer
    all in excellent condition. preferably selling as a bundle, but willing to negotiate.

    contact me at cchiu012@gmail.com if interested!

  4. I have a brand New 2018 version of the OAT Destroyer and the Physics book because I accidentally purchased 2. If anyone would like to purchase at a discount please email me at jaslowmats@gmail.com

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