OAT Prep Materials for Sale?

If you have any OAT preparation materials for sale, feel free to leave your posting here!

To post an ad, scroll down to the end of this page and use the dialogue box (reply) to enter your ad information. Include your name and contact information (email, phone number, etc) in the body of your ad so that other students may contact you directly.

To ask sellers questions, please contact them directly using contact information each has provided.

After your materials sell, please  email Dr. Munroe (jmunroe@ketchum.edu) and she will delete your post. Ads and comments will automatically be deleted after one year but feel free to repost your ad if your materials haven’t sold.  Thank you!

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  1. 1. Bundle for Kaplan, Princeton, & Mometrix: $50
    a) New Kaplan OAT Prep Plus 2020
    b) Slightly used: Cracking the OAT 2nd(Princeton)
    c) New: Mometrix OAT Prep Book 2020

    2. OAT Destroyer Bundle 2020: $110
    a) Good condition OC/GC/BIO/QR
    b) New OAT Destroyer Physics & Math

    **Shipping not included, located in OC
    Prices Negotiable
    pls contact me at mandyliou@icloud.com

  2. Hi everyone!

    I am selling the following:
    1. Kaplan 2091-2020 Oat Prep Plus Book (used)
    2. Kaplan 2091-2020 Oat Prep Plus Book (brand new)
    3. Mometrix 2019 & 2020 Prep Book (brand new)

    If you are interested in any of the following please email me at sahmed4442@gmail.com!


  3. Hello, I’m selling my 2017 OAT Destroyer (Organic Chem, Gen Chem, Biology, and Quantitative Reasoning) w/ Physics for $88 + shipping, as well as my Kaplan 2015 OAT book for $25 + shipping. I will include flashcards and useful formula cards. I’m also selling the remainder of my OAT Bootcamp that still has the full 60 days on it (expires in October). Please email me at vickiesbunny@gmail.com or reply below! Thank you

  4. Hi everyone,

    I am selling the follow:

    1. BRAND NEW OAT Prep Plus 2019-2020: $30 + shipping/handling
    2. BRAND NEW Mometrix 2019 & 2020 prep book: $10 + shipping/handling
    3. USED OAT Prep Plus 2019 – 2020 (perforated notes detached, written on a few biology chapters and a few other pages but all in pencil) : $20 + shipping/handling

    *All of these come with full length practice tests!

    Being shipped from NYC. Please email me at sahmed4442@gmail.com if you are interested!

  5. Hey all, I’m selling my OAT Prep Materials! I have Kaplan OAT Prep 2019-2020 for $80 (shipping included if you’re in the US), and also OAT Destroyer 2020 (BIO, GC, OCHEM, PHYSICS, MATH) for $120 (shipping included if you’re in the US). I will also throw in my organic chemistry flashcards for free, if anyone wants! Please email me at jeluo@calpoly.edu if you’re interested 🙂

  6. Hi everyone!

    I am selling the following books. If anyone is interested, please email oatbooks102@gmail.com for more information!

    1. 2019 OAT Destroyer Book Bundle (Organic & General Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning, & Physics): $90
    2. OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice and Review book by Kaplan (does not include practice tests): $25
    4. OAT prep by Kaplan Review Notes Book + Flashcards (This book came from a self-paced review class by Kaplan): $25

    All books are in great condition!

  7. Hello! Selling my OAT destroyer books 2021 version (Ochem, Gen chem, bio, quant reasoning, and physics) for $100 plus shipping. The questions are challenging but definitely helped me feel prepped for the exam.

  8. Hello!

    I am selling my USED Kaplan OAT Prep Plus 2019-2020 book for $30 + shipping. Overall the book is in good condition however, there is writing and highlighting throughout the book. I live in Canada.

    Please email me if you are interested at heathercinglis@hotmail.com

  9. Hey everyone!
    I’m selling my Kaplan OAT Prep Plus 2019-2020 book and my OAT Bootcamp subscription that’s expiring on August 6. The Kaplan book is highlighted, but otherwise, in great condition. I’m selling the Kaplan book for $50 + shipping and the Bootcamp subscription for $80 or a package deal with both for $100 + shipping! Email me at minju_pak@hotmail.com if you’re interested!

  10. Hello all!

    I am selling the 2020 OAT Destroyer (ochem, chem, bio, qr, and physics) for $130. I am also selling the Kaplan OAT Prep Plus 2019-2020 for $30. However, I am willing to sell both as a bundle for $150! Both are still in amazing condition. Shipping is not included. I am located in Orange County, CA. Email me at linapham03@gmail.com if you’re interested!

  11. Hi everyone!

    These 2 book sets were everything I needed to get the OAT score and school I wanted. Email me at go.aidanhosm@gmail.com if you’re interested, price negotiable.

    Kaplan OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice, and Review book
    – Lightly used, no markings inside
    – $20, its $63 on Amazon

    2019 OAT Destroyer Book Bundle (Organic & General Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning, & Physics)
    – Fairly used, no markings inside
    – $100, its $160 on Orgoman website

    $110 + shipping for both! Location is Philadelphia.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the books or applications in general!

  12. Hey everyone I’m selling all of the destroyers!

    I have the full Gen Chem destroyer, the organic chem, gen chem, biology, and quantitative reasoning destroyer, the physics destroyer, and math destroyer. I also have the 2019-2020 Kaplan OAT prep plus book. I will sell all of these in one big bundle for $100 plus whatever the shipping is. Please contact me at Rachel107@bellsouth.net. Thanks!

  13. Hi everyone!

    I am selling the following books. If anyone is interested, please email oatbooks102@gmail.com for more information!

    1. 2019 OAT Destroyer Book Bundle (Organic & General Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning, & Physics): $90
    2. OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice and Review book by Kaplan (does not include practice tests): $25
    4. OAT prep by Kaplan Review Notes Book + Flashcards (This book came from a self-paced review class by Kaplan): $25

    All books are in great condition!

  14. Selling OAT Destroyer with Physics $110.

    Free 2017-18 Kaplan OAT: Strategies, Practice & Review with the purchase of OAT Destroyer package.

    OAT Destroyer package includes:
    – OAT Destroyer (w/ Organic chem, Gen. Chem, Gen. Bio, Quant. Reasoning)
    – OAT Destroyer Physics

    There is absolutely no writing in any of the books. Pages are pristine.

    Please see pictures in my link to the actual books. I’ve also included my OAT Score if you were curious.


    Shipping is not included in price. Estimated shipping price is ~ $10 Within the United States only.

    Please email/text me for more details.
    Phone #: (909) 784-5728
    Email: inkblott22@gmail.com

    Thanks! Good luck to everyone taking the OAT soon!!

  15. Hello! Giving away Kaplan 2017-2018 OAT : Strategies, Practice & Review. As long as the buyer pays for shipping.

  16. Hi everyone!. I am selling the following books:

    OAT Destroyer 2020 version ( OC/GC/BIO/QR) AND PHYSICS DESTROYER 2020 VERSION

    BOTH are not marked – very minimal use and excellent condition.

    If you are interested please email me at simrankandaa@gmail.com.

    I live in Canada.

      • I have the Gen Chem Destroyer, Physics Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and the big bundle of Organic chemistry, gen chem, biology, and quantitative reasoning destroyer as well as the OAT prep plus book all for 100$ plus whatever shipping is! Can negotiate if you want other bundles instead of all of them. My email is rachel107@bellsouth.net

  17. -New Kaplan OAT Prep Plus 2020 $40
    -Includes Slightly used: a)Kaplan Lesson Book b) Kaplan Flashcards

    -Used: Minor highlights Cracking the OAT 2nd edition (Princeton) $10
    -New: Mometrix OAT Prep Book 2019 &2020 $20

    -OAT Destroyer Bundle 2020 $120
    a) Used: good condition OC/GC/BIO/QR 2020
    b) New: OAT Destroyer Physics 2020
    c) New OAT Destroyer Math 2020
    d) will include printed OAT Destroyer Bio Notes (usually $99)

    -Free printed OAT sample test (New)

    Prices are negotiable – OC/LA pickup only
    pls contact me at mandyliou@icloud.com

  18. Will donate Kaplan OAT test prep review notes and lesson book used if you pay shipping. 2014 edition

  19. Hi everyone! Selling:
    -USED Kaplan OAT Prep Plus 2019-2020 – answers circled; highlighting and some notes present. ($20)
    – NEW OAT Kaplan Lesson book 2011 – completely blank to go through it yourself. compared it to the 2018, very similar! ($30)
    – USED OAT Kaplan Lesson book 2018 – answers circled; really good notes + tips! ($30)
    – NEW OAT Destroyer Gen Chem/Ochem/Bio/QR/Physics – I worked out all problems on separate sheets of paper in hopes to resell. In excellent condition. (Originally bought for $175; selling for $140)

    Prices are negotiable and discounted bundles can be created; email me at clare331210@gmail.com for more information on the books, shipping/meet-up, or any questions about pre-optometry 🙂 Located in Southern California.

  20. I have a 2020 OAT Destroyer (Ochem, Gen Chem, Bio, & Quant Reasoning) + Physics for sale! It is in percect condition (no highlighting or writing). I paid around $175 for it and I can sell for $150. We can work out specific details and shipping if you email me at aaleinad76@gmail.com

    I also have a 2016 Kaplan OAT book (like new condition) and a 2019-2020 Kaplan OAT Prep Plus book for sale (this copy has some highlighting in it). I am hoping for $40 for the 2016 edition and $25 for the 2019-2020. Although these prices can be negotiated! I can also do bundles.

  21. I am selling 2019 OAT Destroyer books (biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, quantitative reasoning) like new, never written in along with some print outs I used to study for the test. I also have 2013 DAT Destroyer (qr, biology, gen chem) like new, never written in. Email me at Serena.lu1121@gmail.com for more information.

  22. I have a Mometrix test prep OAT study book 2021-2022; brand new never used.

    Book is free ….. All I ask for is shipping and handling fee. Please message me via 201-925-0576 if you are interested in this book; first come first serve. If you have cashapp s&h can be sent this way.

    *I have photo of book if needed.

  23. Hi everyone! I’m selling my OAT study material: Kaplan OAT book, OAT Destroyer (including Orgo Odyssey, Physics, Math) for a low price. If you live in NYC, we can meet up. My email is: mungyu.alice@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Im living in quebec i want to by from you all your books give me a good price
      And iwill pay the transpost,

  24. Hello!

    I’m looking to sell a lot of great OAT materials to sell that I did not use. I can ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

    I have the Kaplan OAT 5th edition, the OAT prep plus 2019-2020 version, and the Cracking the OAT 2nd edition which is especially great for physics. I also have a DAT/OAT Flashcard set (QR/OC/GC/BIO). I am looking to sell all these books and cards as a bundle so message me if you are interested! They are all barely/lightly used and in great condition and all the glossy review pages in the back of the books are in tact. Please Email me at hgs16@my.fsu.edu if you are interested!

  25. hi everyone!! selling my kaplan OAT 2019-2020 book and schedule & notes I used/created for OAT Bootcamp:) please email me @jelavumkal22@gmail.com if interested. prices are super negotiable!!

  26. Selling my old OAT study materials. Including flashcards, Kaplan book, OAT destroyer, and will even include other materials such as class books. Serious buyers email me for price. Thank you!
    Email: sanny.do94@gmail.com

  27. I’m selling:
    -a college physics textbook featuring practice problems and answers
    -sparknotes’ ochem flash cards-like new $5
    -ochem molecular modeling kit $15
    -ochem college textbook with solutions manual -$40
    -a Kaplan book, well used but the practice exam in the back is blank $15
    -mcat flashcards set- like new $15
    -princeton review for mcat- like new $30
    – I can throw in notebooks of notes for the OAT science subjects as well if you’re interested

    Take any or all, willing to negotiate prices

  28. Hi everyone! I have the Kaplan 2019-2020 OAT Prep Plus review book. I don’t think I ever wrote in it, it’s in perfect condition! I also have the lesson book and review notes from purchasing the Kaplan self paced review class, both these books have very limited writing in them! Please let me know if you would like any of these books, looking to sell them since I no longer need. They are all in really great condition. My email is gav1@geneseo.edu please let me know 🙂

    The self paced class is from 2020 btw! I also have the index cards that came with the Kaplan class that I will give away if anyone needs those as well 🙂

    • Hello, I am interested in the OAT Kaplan Lesson book and review notes. Please let me know if they are still available.

  29. Hi everyone. I’m selling my OAT destroyer 2020 with Physics destroyer 2020 for $140. Bought it for $172. Never written anything. Like new. Serious buyers message me @8328006644

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