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Parents with Questions? Here’s How Parents May Contact SCCO Admissions

May 31, 2013

SCCO Admissions welcomes interactions with parents! Even though it is the student who wears the White Coat and goes to class, support from family members—especially parents—is vital to a student’s success. At Commencement, when the graduate steps up on that platform and receives their Doctor of Optometry degree, it is a victory for the whole… Read More ›

How to Contact an Admissions Adviser

Sending an organized, logical, well-thought out email to an admissions adviser accomplishes two objectives: 1) gets you the information you need and 2) helps you to make a favorable impression with the admissions adviser—one that will benefit you as you work through the admissions process. SCCO’s admissions advisers LOVE to help you in any way… Read More ›

Twitter for SCCO Admissions

Twitter for SCCO Admissions Follow SCCO Admissions on Twitter!  Get updates on admissions info, events, photos, and other stuff!  You know what to do!

Meet Me: Eryn Kraning, Director of Admissions

I have a confession to make… I never wanted to be an optometrist. (Gasp!) I also never wanted to be a doctor, or a nurse, or anything else that might have to deal with blood or icky things. Why? Because if you show me a scab, or a picture of a “cool” injury, or even… Read More ›

Meet Me: Dr. Jane Ann Munroe, Assistant Dean of Admissions

I wanted to be an optometrist when I was only 10 years old.  Why?  I had some kind of weird fascination with eyeglasses and even though I didn’t need them, I was obsessed with getting a pair of my own.  In my situation, having perfect eyesight was a distinct disadvantage, so I hatched a plan. … Read More ›

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