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OAT Prep Recommendation: Chad’s Videos

January 31, 2017

I’ve received an endorsement of Chad’s Videos from an applicant who performed very well on the OAT.  I thought her comments were worthy of a blog article. This applicant explained that at SCCO’s Spring Admissions Open House, she heard a SCCO student endorse these videos/teaching tool explaining that it was the preferred method she used to prepare to take… Read More ›

OAT Preparation on a Budget

Another great information exchange on the topic of preparing to take the OAT came together on the SCCO’s Pre-Optometry Facebook Group page, spearheaded by 2nd year student, Michael Goering. I asked him to reproduce it for the Blog and so here it is… My name is Michael Goering and I’m a second year student at SCCO/MBKU…. Read More ›

How a Successful OAT-Taker Prepared

Here’s a post taken from Student Doctor Dot Net where a successful OAT test-taker outlines her strategy of how she prepared before and even on test day. Realize I have no way to validate this information, but I am simply reposting what she self-reported in this online forum. As a contextual reference for how she… Read More ›

OAT Prep: Test Takers’ Opinions on Kaplan, OAT Destroyer & Chad’s Videos

Here’s a recent Facebook conversation between SCCO students with a pre-optometry student regarding OAT test-preparation: Melisa G (pre-optometry student):  I am debating on how to prepare for the OAT and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice based on their past experience with Kaplan or the OAT Destroyer? Did you feel studying… Read More ›

OAT Test-Taking Anxiety? Try Mindfulness

The process of getting into optometry school is inherently anxiety producing.  When combined with life’s other 24/7 stress and distractions, it’s no wonder that I get so many distress calls from applicants—especially about the OAT and the stress of objective test-taking.  In the past, I would listen compassionately and offer what I thought were practical tips… Read More ›

Timeline Strategy for Taking the OAT

I get this question all the time: “For SCCO’s rolling admissions cycle, when would be a good time to take the OAT?” Of course it would be best if applicants take the OAT well before the admissions cycle opens on July 1st.  That being said,  I put together this FAQ that lists all the points applicants should… Read More ›

OAT Preparation: A Pre-Optometry Student’s Perspective

Here’s a TERRIFIC series of articles written by Jade McLachlin, a pre-optometry student and founding officer for the Grant MacEwan Pre-Optometry Club, at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. She goes into great detail in this article series: Part I: Courses and Registering to Take the OAT Part II: Studying and Practicing for the OAT Part III:… Read More ›

OAT Reading Comprehension: Preparation Advice from OAT Test Takers

These are answers to a question a student who is preparing to take the OAT had about how to best prepare for the Reading Comprehension section.  It is taken from SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students: Question:  So I’m having trouble studying for the reading comprehension section of the OAT.  I understand how to study for all of… Read More ›

OAT Preparation: SCCO’s FAQ

What follows are highlights from the FAQ I formatted for those preparing to take the OAT. For the complete downloadable PDF of this FAQ, click here: FAQ About OAT Preparation and Scores How does SCCO consider OAT scores? How should I prepare to take the OAT? The OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) is administered by ASCO (www.opted.org)… Read More ›

Poll: How SCCO’s Incoming Students Prepared to Take the OAT

Judging from the number of hits on blog topics related to OAT preparation, it’s a popular topic right now.  I thought this information might be helpful:  how SCCO’s incoming class (last season) prepared for taking the OAT. Here are Polled results from SCCO’s incoming class for Fall 2013: OAT Preparation Questionnaire Responses As per the information summarized near… Read More ›

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