What You Should Know — Optometry Admissions and SCCO

Class Profiles

2014-420-073Each year, a Class Profile  for the incoming class is formatted. Not only is it a compilation of demographics, it reports various data about the applicants’ academics of importance to the admissions process, namely OAT scores and GPAs.

Class Profiles:

As you review this data, please note that because of the way our admissions process is designed, the GPAs and OAT scores seen here are not what is needed to qualify for an interview invitation.

For more information about our admissions process and how we consider GPAs and OAT scores in the review process, access the FAQ titled, The Academics-The First Qualifying Round.

At first glance and perhaps a false conclusion that may be drawn from this data is that we actively recruit or reserve seats for California residents. Not so! Because we are a private institution, we have no quotas nor do we reserve seats for anyone—all applicants compete on their own merit. We are located in California and it’s a big state with a high population and so we end up with the majority of our applicants are California residents.

I hope this data helps you to gain a better perspective and too, gives you something to aim for when it comes to being a competitive applicant.



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