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“Six Interview Mistakes” by Michael Neece, Monster.com Contributing Writer

August 4, 2014

I came across this article on Monster.com.  Michael Neece makes six concise points about interviewing that has relevance to an applicant interview.  I formatted this article so that my comments appear after each point made by its author: Six Interview Mistakes by Michael Neece, Monster.com, Contributing Writer #1  Confusing an Interview with an Interrogation:  Most candidates expect to be interrogated…. Read More ›

Recommended Reading for Interview Preparation: Some of Dr. Munroe’s Favorites

In preparation for not only the interview but for your career in a profession where communication is key!  Here are 5 books I recommend to facilitate better communication, which always begins with a better understanding of human nature—the common theme to all of these books. The Medical School Interview—Secrets and a System for Success  by… Read More ›

Favorite Personal Essay and Interview Question: “What Will You Bring to the Table?”

“What contribution do you hope to make to our optometry program and to the optometric profession?” is a question you will most likely to be asked during the application process. How do you answer a question like this? More importantly, why do admissions officers ask this question? What are they trying to find out? On… Read More ›

Shadowing and the Interview: Build Your House with Bricks!

To prepare for the interview, shadowing is the single most important experience you will need. The story you tell about your shadowing experience should be the key element of your response to that first interview question, “Why do you want to be an optometrist?” I see it year after year: the single biggest reason applicants… Read More ›

An Interviewer’s Perspective: Dr. Julie Schornack, VP and Dean of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Julie Schornack has been interviewing applicants at SCCO for more than 25 years.  She is the Vice President and Dean of Clinical Affairs and also has the title of Assistant Professor.  I interviewed her a few years back about what she looks for in an interviewing applicant.  Since she continues to facilitate many interviews… Read More ›

Reflections on Interview Day

Today is an Interview Day at SCCO.  I am always so proud of applicants who have made it all the way to this leg of their journey.  Often times, even family and friends do not appreciate what degree of sacrifice it took to receive an interview invitation.  It’s a day to “rest on your laurels”… Read More ›

The First Interview Question—It’s Always the Same!

Wouldn’t you like to start every exam by knowing the first question ahead of time? Of course you would! When it comes to the applicant interview, I know what the first question will be—best of all, I can tell you ahead of time so you can prepare. It’s not enough just to know what the… Read More ›

Smile, Eye-Contact, Handshake: Essential Ingredients

There are three things that anyone can do to make any human interaction go more smoothly:  smile, make eye contact, and offer a firm handshake.  I thought about ending this article after that first sentence because it seems self-explanatory.  Apparently it’s not because I see so many applicants who fail to supply these basic ingredients—so,… Read More ›

Filmed Applicant Interview

Still our most popular video series on SCCO’s Admissions YouTube channel, the Applicant Interview (five part series) is a great resource for those preparing to interview.  It is an unscripted reenactment of an actual interview with two of SCCO faculty members who are regular interview panelists.  In this video, interviewing faculty engage the applicant in an… Read More ›

Elevator Pitch–You Need One!

You’re kicking back at a BBQ enjoying leisurely time with friends and family. Your uncle sits down next to you and asks, “So, what are you doing with yourself nowadays?” Your mind jolts into high gear and your heart pounds as you think about your busy and stressful summer:  studying for the OAT, shadowing optometrists,… Read More ›

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