Research Projects at SCCO

2013-603-135SCCO’s clinical program gets a lot of attention. Because of its scope and strength, potential students quickly identify with it as one of our program’s best features.  For some reason I’ve never understood, potential students think somehow that if a program is strong 2013-603-042clinically, it must reciprocally not devote as much time and resources into its research program. Let me correct this misunderstanding by directing you to this newly updated website page featuring all the many research projects underway here at SCCO: Current Research Projects at SCCO

This webpage presents a comprehensive look at the many and varied projects involving faculty and students. Students participate in the research as both part of the Master of Science in Vision Science (MS) degree offered and as work study research assistants.

If research and its process is a feature that you are seeking as part of your optometric education, we have it!


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