Coping with COVID

UCLA to SCCO: Transition from My Large Undergrad to a Small Optometry School

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Arbi Zadoorian Class of 2024

As a recent UCLA grad from the Los Angeles area, Arbi talks about the transition he made from a large undergrad to SCCO, a small private optometry school. Made even more difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, he also had to adapt to quarantine isolation and remote virtual learning.

His discussion topics include:

  • What his class Board does to promote a sense of community within the class even though most learning is conducted virtually
  • Clubs he has joined and club activities
  • Working with upperclassmen who orchestrate mock clinical proficiencies using schematic eyes and Zoom Breakout rooms
  • Finding his roommate and arranged for student housing
  • Getting to know various members of the faculty

Click on the image below to watch the video on Vimeo.

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Arbi concludes with a discussion about adapting to virtual learning and the importance of using time management skills—and learning new ones.

Quote: “SCCO has an amazing team for everything… they’re doing everything they can to give us the full experience and I really appreciate that.”

Use this link to access more videos in this series.

“SCCO has an amazing team for everything…they’re doing all they can to give us the full experience. I really appreciate that.”

Arbi Zadoorian SCCO Class of 2024

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