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The Unique Doctor-Patient Relationship and Standing On Your Own Two Feet!

April 11, 2017 • Goals and Wisdom

As will become evident by the voicing of this article, as a female optometrist with 40 years in the profession, this message is mostly for female pre-optometry students who are preparing to join optometry’s ranks. That disclaimer made, I hope male pre-optometry students enjoy the message too. This article has taken shape through the many conversations… Read More ›

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An Optometrist Saved My Vision!


Article Hosted on ASCO’s Blog: Eye On Optometry For SCCO’s optometry applicant interview days, we invite parents and guests to accompany the applicants. They are invited to a general campus tour, hands-on preview of our new virtual learning technology, lunch reception, student panel presentation, presentation from SCCO’s dean, Dr. Stanley Woo about our program’s benefits, and then… Read More ›

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Financial Aid 101: Making Sense of the Cost of an Optometric Education


As an admissions officer, I consult with many who are justifiably concerned with the potential costs of an optometric education. Most pre-optometry students research programs’ websites and use the fee for tuition as the key indicator and thus the cost basis for comparison. This is a mistake.  Annual tuition cannot be used to compare schools because it does… Read More ›


OAT Prep Recommendation: Chad’s Videos


I’ve received an endorsement of Chad’s Videos from an applicant who performed very well on the OAT.  I thought her comments were worthy of a blog article. This applicant explained that at SCCO’s Spring Admissions Open House, she heard a SCCO student endorse these videos/teaching tool explaining that it was the preferred method she used to prepare to take… Read More ›

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“Six Interview Mistakes” by Michael Neece, Monster.com Contributing Writer


I came across this article on Monster.com.  Michael Neece makes six concise points about interviewing that has relevance to an applicant interview.  I formatted this article so that my comments appear after each point made by its author: Six Interview Mistakes by Michael Neece, Monster.com, Contributing Writer #1  Confusing an Interview with an Interrogation:  Most candidates expect to be interrogated…. Read More ›

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I Chose SCCO


“when I asked how each had made the decision about which school to choose, I heard over and over, ‘I just knew it was right.”‘

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