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Applying Through OptomCAS: Your Application Roadmap

July 5, 2016 • Applying, OptomCAS

It’s time to start working on your application for this year’s 2016-17 admissions cycle. To get you started, here’s a terrific article about applying through OptomCAS. The article provides tips on how to get your application completed, and then a detailed “roadmap” as to how your application will move through the various stages of the process…. Read More ›

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Club Night at MBKU

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I have a new cub reporter. Her name is Erin Major, Class of 2020. She’s going to be helping me with the Blog, especially in the area of student life. Erin hails from Colorado Springs, CO. She completed her undergrad degree at University of Colorado, Boulder. Southern California is sure to be a brand new experience… Read More ›

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15 Tips for Applying to Optometry School

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  Another great article hosted on ASCO’s blog. I agree with all of its wisdom: “Anyone familiar with the optometry school admissions process would say it’s more like a marathon than a sprint. One of the mileposts, by the way, is actually submitting the application to one or more schools through the online Optometry Centralized Application… Read More ›


OAT Preparation on a Budget

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Another great information exchange on the topic of preparing to take the OAT came together on the SCCO’s Pre-Optometry Facebook Group page, spearheaded by 2nd year student, Michael Goering. I asked him to reproduce it for the Blog and so here it is… My name is Michael Goering and I’m a second year student at SCCO/MBKU…. Read More ›

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“Six Interview Mistakes” by Michael Neece, Monster.com Contributing Writer

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I came across this article on Monster.com.  Michael Neece makes six concise points about interviewing that has relevance to an applicant interview.  I formatted this article so that my comments appear after each point made by its author: Six Interview Mistakes by Michael Neece, Monster.com, Contributing Writer #1  Confusing an Interview with an Interrogation:  Most candidates expect to be interrogated…. Read More ›

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2015-16 Year in Review at MBKU

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The school year here is just about over so it’s a good time to pause and reflect about all that has gone on here at MBKU this past year. It’s been a year jampacked with growth and thus change. Here’s a short video with highlights from our year in review. There is footage of not… Read More ›

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