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Pre-Optometry Clubs Helping Their Campus & Community

August 14, 2017

Another terrific article from ASCO’s Blog!  Should be helpful to pre-optometry clubs: Pre-Optometry Clubs are an excellent way for prospective optometry students to learn more about the optometry field and develop their interests. Pre-Optometry clubs can help undergraduate students in their application processes as well as help them gain mentors who share their same passions…. Read More ›

I Chose SCCO

“when I asked how each had made the decision about which school to choose, I heard over and over, ‘I just knew it was right.”‘

Recent OD Grads Talk About What It’s Like to Own Their Own Practices

When I chose optometry, a chief appeal was that I would be able run my own business, to be my own boss, and to implement my own vision on how I wanted to serve in this profession. If you have the same objective, then you will LOVE this article. Featured are four new optometry grads… Read More ›

2015-16 Year in Review at MBKU

The school year here is just about over so it’s a good time to pause and reflect about all that has gone on here at MBKU this past year. It’s been a year jampacked with growth and thus change. Here’s a short video with highlights from our year in review. There is footage of not… Read More ›

SCCO Installs VRmagic Medical Simulators On Campus

As Marshall B. Ketchum University evolves into an interprofessional institution, it is preparing both its curriculum and technology for the future of medical education in which technology is especially important to learning and growth for both students and the university. What follows is a press release heralding the dedication of our new Sim Lab made… Read More ›

Practicing Goodwill: John Larcabal, OD, Assistant Professor

This article features alumnus Class of 1988, John Larcabal, OD. Since 1993, Dr. Larcabal has served our campus community as an Assistant Professor teaching Practice Management, and has lectured nationally and internationally on the topic. He has a heart for service… Alumni Stories from Ketchum Magazine John Larcabal didn’t necessarily have optometry in mind as a profession when… Read More ›

Optometry and the Future of Health Care: Schools and Colleges Embrace Interprofessional Education

“Optometry and the Future of Health Care: Schools and Colleges Embrace Interprofessional Education” from ASCO’s blog “Why interprofessional health care education?” As a pre-optometry student, it is the question you should be asking. In a nutshell the answer is, because the interprofessional team approach setting is how optometrists will be required to practice in the future…. Read More ›

What’s New in Residency Education for 2016

More and more, prospective students are considering adding residency training to their optometric education plan. Optometric residency is a one-year post-doctoral program where the resident sees patients in the areas of Cornea & Contact Lenses, Low Vision Rehabilitation, Ocular Disease, Primary Care, or Pediatric Optometry/Vision Therapy. This concentrated training increases a new grad’s marketability as residency-trained optometrists… Read More ›

Faculty Interviews Posted on MBKU’s Peer Advisors’ Blog

New to MBKU this year are Peer Advisors, upperclassmen who volunteer to serve by helping incoming students get a leg up on adjusting to life at MBKU before Orientation even begins. Through our campus intranet, Peer Advisors host a community blog to discuss a variety of subjects of interest to matriculating students. What follows is a blog article… Read More ›

MBKU’s Dr. Tim Edrington Receives AOA Contact Lens/Cornea Achievement Award

Yes, I’m shamelessly horn-tooting! Our own Dr. Tim Edrington, a favorite of students, has won an award for contributions he has made to the field of cornea/cornea contact lens. He first joined SCCO in 1978. He served this last year on the Admissions Policy Committee where I got to know him even better. He does… Read More ›

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