Faces of SCCO

MBKU Honors the Service of Retiring Assistant Dean of Admissions, Dr. Jane Ann Munroe

We invite you to join us in honoring Dr. Munroe who will retire as the Assistant Dean of Admissions for SCCO at the end of May 2022.

Dr. Munroe has lead SCCO Admissions for 15 years,  and she has been instrumental in the optometric journeys of thousands of future optometry students and current optometrists during that time. Whether you’re one of the fortunate  who was able to hear her present in person, or you’re from one of the 200 countries and territories who have read her articles on this blog, you’ve no doubt been blessed by her wisdom and heart.

While Dr. Munroe will certainly be missed, she’s excited to be passing the reigns to me,  Eryn Kraning. I have been learning from Dr. Munroe now for over 10 years.  On June 1, 2022, I will assume the role as head of SCCO Admissions with the title, Senior Director of the Office of Admissions. I am  excited to carry on Dr. Munroe’s legacy of care and attention for prospective students as SCCO continues to admit phenomenal future alumni who will impact their communities just as Dr. Munroe has done.

To read more about Dr. Munroe’s amazing career and life, click here to read the full story.

“It’s been such a privilege to have helped so many of you along the way into optometry’s ranks. Serving in SCCO Admissions has been a final chapter in a career that started in 1977 when I graduated from SCCO. Thank you all for being such a wonderful community and so kind to me.”  Jane Ann Munroe, OD


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