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Tips for Applying Early to Maximize the Summer Before Senior Year of Undergrad by SCCO Student Ambassador, Jacklyn Charbonneau

It can be said that a gap year offers a great opportunity to gain experiences, save money, and have time to refine your application. However, because I was eager to start optometry school and felt like I made the most of my undergraduate years, I opted not to take that gap year.  I had enjoyed my undergrad experience fully, I took every opportunity to be involved in variety of experiences by graduation.  To not take that gap year  was a personal choice for me that also meant finding ways to balance the OAT and application while still taking courses and finishing up my undergrad degree.

How I Got Back Into the Swing of Things After Taking 3 Gap Years by SCCO Student Ambassador, Christina Chapman

Before entering optometry school and after finishing undergrad, I took three years to “test out” optometry.

Deciding to attend optometry school can be a big decision to make, and I wanted to ensure that it was something I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to. I worked full time in private practice to gain some preliminary skills which had the bonus of giving me incredible insights into the field. I also wanted a reset after finishing my undergraduate education. This time allowed me to rediscover some old hobbies like reading and cooking, and also to do some traveling. However, getting back into the swing of school, specifically optometry school, with a rigorous schedule was initially daunting.

Getting Admitted Into Optometry School as a Career Changer by SCCO Student Ambassador, Jillian Hipsman

This one goes out to all the dreams I left behind…

I sometimes joke that I’m not on plan B or C, instead I am on to Roman Numerals. I never had a dream job when I was a kid, so I have tried a lot of things. I knew though what I didn’t want to be. I never wanted to be in the medical field. My dad was a RN in a hospital, and it did not sound good to me. and so I wrote the whole healthcare provider thing off. In college I accidently stumbled into a Spanish major and had some free time, so I added on art as a double major. When I graduated college, the U.S. was just heading into the recession, and ao I was happy to get ANY job.  Turns out I didn’t like that job, so I got different a job, and then a different job, and the list goes on. Then I had the job that turned out to change my life.  This job was so terrible that I went home after a practically bad day that involved stalking a dog and got up the nerve to take a job aptitude survey on the DOL website to find out what else I could do…Survey said:  doctor