Articulation Agreements

Need to know what course at your undergrad will satisfy SCCO’s prerequisite requirements? Click here to access SCCO’s Articulation Agreements prepared for California colleges and universities and some out-of-state institutions as well.

Our goal is to provide an up-to-date articulation agreement.  However, course content and descriptions constantly change; therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information on these Articulation Agreements is fully up-to-date or correct.  It is up to each applicant to prove that he or she has met SCCO’s prerequisite requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree: A four-year baccalaureate degree is recommended; however, applicants who complete a minimum of 90 semester or 135 quarter units of undergraduate study will qualify for admission. To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be on track to complete the required units through the summer term that precedes fall matriculation.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses for the prerequisites will be accepted as long as the appropriate number of credit hours was received. These courses must appear on your official college transcript or in a letter from the registrar stating that the appropriate number of credit hours was verified by the program.

If you have any concerns about whether a course will indeed meet the requirements, please have it reviewed by an SCCO admissions advisor by copying a course description from the school’s online catalog and emailing it to  Please specify the name of the school that offers the course and the quarter/semester units for the course.

AA Sample

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