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Optometry: An Inspired Career Choice

September 24, 2015

As an admissions adviser, I direct applicants to resources that will help them with their applications.  Here is such an article.  It is hosted on ASCO’s blog and features three optometrists with distinctively different careers. Here is inspiration for your own essays when answering the question about why optometry is your choice. Here’s ASCO’s blog article: Three ODs discuss what led… Read More ›

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Memorable & Winning Personal Statement

For all optometry school applicants busy writing personal statements, this article may help. I highly endorse its wisdom. ~ Jane Ann Munroe, O.D., Assistant Dean of Admissions, SCCO Written by Maggie Francisco, Optometry Student, SCCO, Class of 2016 According to Dr. Munroe, the goal of the personal statement is to show the admissions team mainly three… Read More ›

15 Reasons to Date an Optometrist: Great Personal Essay Material!

Just for fun, I couldn’t resist posting this! Here’s an article from eHarmony.com about why it’s a good idea to date an optometrist. I’ll admit a bias about the truth to these reasons because I am an optometrist, but really, this is practical and valid information! Here’s what eHarmony says about optometrists: “They are the wonderful professionals… Read More ›

Favorite Personal Essay and Interview Question: “What Will You Bring to the Table?”

“What contribution do you hope to make to our optometry program and to the optometric profession?” is a question you will most likely to be asked during the application process. How do you answer a question like this? More importantly, why do admissions officers ask this question? What are they trying to find out? On… Read More ›

Elevator Pitch–You Need One!

You’re kicking back at a BBQ enjoying leisurely time with friends and family. Your uncle sits down next to you and asks, “So, what are you doing with yourself nowadays?” Your mind jolts into high gear and your heart pounds as you think about your busy and stressful summer:  studying for the OAT, shadowing optometrists,… Read More ›

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