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Optometry: An Inspired Career Choice

As an admissions adviser, I direct applicants to resources that will help them with their applications.  Here is such an article.  It is hosted on ASCO’s blog and features three optometrists with distinctively different careers.

Here is inspiration for your own essays when answering the question about why optometry is your choice.

Here’s ASCO’s blog article:

Three ODs discuss what led them to the profession and what keeps them loving it.

Do you have an interest in science, medicine or health care but don’t quite know how to turn it into a career choice? Need some inspiration? If you consider optometry as a career, inspiration is not hard to find. Take for example Drs. David McPhillips, Valerie Kattouf and Neil Gailmard, all highly successful Doctors of Optometry who at one time or another were in the same situation as you.  Read the entire article on ASCO’s Website


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