Coping with COVID

During COVID-19, I Moved From Boston to So Cal to Begin Optometry School at SCCO

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sabrina attended undergrad at Suffolk University in Boston, Mass.  She then—though COVID-19 became a pandemic—made the move across the country to attend SCCO.


Sabrina Ali Class of 2024

In this Zoom interview with Eryn Kraning, Senior Director of Recruiting and Admissions at SCCO, she shares how she handled so many life style changes: long distance move to a new state, new roommate, new style of learning online, and new classmates.

It seems like the only thing that hasn’t changed is her positive outlook on life.

Sabrina explains how she found housing, how she gets around Southern California without a car, what classes and labs look like during this pandemic and, especially how she’s been able conquer the loneliness she first felt after her big move.

Click on the image below to watch the video of the interview on Vimeo:

Thumbnail Sabrina Ali

Sabrina explains, “I had no experience with online learning at all so I was really nervous about remote learning.  I would rather learn in-person.  But  instead, I find it surprisingly interactive and fun.  I learn so much! The faculty are always available to us. There are many faculty Zoom office hours so it’s not like we just go watch a lecture online and that’s it. Multiple times in a week, we’re face to face with faculty on Zoom interacting and getting our questions answered. For even more interaction with faculty, we have scheduled lab times where we go on campus and have in-person learning. Having after hours practice with many nights a week takes away from the loneliness and helps us build friendships and relationships with faculty and classmates .”

Use this link to access more videos in this series.

“For us first year students, some clubs pair us up with second year students so we have support, which I think is amazing for us.

Sabrina Ali, SCCO Class of 2024

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