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From Getting My First Pair of Glasses at 2 Years Old to Moving Across he Country to Become a Doctor of Optometry by SCCO Student Ambassador Adam Moret

A series of articles written by SCCO Student Ambassadors, here is Adam Moret. To learn more about Adam, where he is from, and why he chose SCCO, find his bio here listed alphabetically.

From Getting My First Pair of Glasses at 2 Years Old to Moving Across the Country to Become a Doctor of Optometry

by SCCO Ambassador, Adam Moret

Moret_AdamWhen I was two years old, my parents noticed that my left eye had an involuntary turning in that my right eye didn’t share. My eyes didn’t yoke together and work as a team. One trip to the eye doctor, and I had my very first pair of glasses.

I haven’t known a life without corrected vision with eyeglasses, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this fact. Vision has always been an interest of mine, even when I thought my life was taking a different career path during my undergraduate program. However, when I had the amazing opportunity to work as an optician, I knew that a career in eyecare was the right path for me.

I will never forget the first time I dispensed to a child her first pair of glasses and the uncontrollable smile that resulted.  She could see clearly for the first time! Pairing my interest in vision with my love for helping made my decision to apply to optometry school an easy one. 

There was only one big issue.  There isn’t an optometry school within 400 miles of  Southern Minnesota, the town where I was born and raised Yikes!. I knew I was going to have to move far away from home, and although my parents weren’t thrilled about this proposition, they supported me wholeheartedly. Now the decision was where I hoped to attend optometry school. After researching many optometry schools, I narrowed my choices down to which schools I wanted to apply.

After being in contact with multiple schools, there was one that stood above the rest and that was SCCO.  Moving far away from home is inherently anxiety-inducing, but the SCCO admissions team and support staff went above and beyond to alleviate any issues  I would have with the whole process of packing up and moving across the country. Due to COVID and proximity issues, I was unable to physically visit SCCO’s campus; but, there were more than enough  online and virtual resources available so that my first time on campus didn’t FEEL like my first time on campus. There were also many, many events and opportunities to meet the rest of my classmates once I was offfered a seat—from Zoom social events, to meeting people via the Facebook group.

Whether you are from across the country or have lived in SoCal your entire life, there are ample chances to meet your future classmates months before classes start.

Southern California is certainly far away from Southern Minnesota, but the SCCO admissions team made me feel so comfortable that I couldn’t tell the difference between here and home (besides the snow of course!)

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