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Getting Admitted Into Optometry School as a Career Changer by SCCO Student Ambassador, Jillian Hipsman

This one goes out to all the dreams I left behind…

I sometimes joke that I’m not on plan B or C, instead I am on to Roman Numerals. I never had a dream job when I was a kid, so I have tried a lot of things. I knew though what I didn’t want to be. I never wanted to be in the medical field. My dad was a RN in a hospital, and it did not sound good to me. and so I wrote the whole healthcare provider thing off. In college I accidently stumbled into a Spanish major and had some free time, so I added on art as a double major. When I graduated college, the U.S. was just heading into the recession, and ao I was happy to get ANY job.  Turns out I didn’t like that job, so I got different a job, and then a different job, and the list goes on. Then I had the job that turned out to change my life.  This job was so terrible that I went home after a practically bad day that involved stalking a dog and got up the nerve to take a job aptitude survey on the DOL website to find out what else I could do…Survey said:  doctor

Advice from Students Who Took Gap Years by SCCO Ambassadors Ally Tran & Karen Nguyen

Taking a gap year was the best decision I’ve made during my application process. Instead of rushing to fit a certain timeline, I decided to take a mental break from school and spend more time expanding my patient care experience. This extra time before optometry school helped me become a better prepared and more confident applicant when completing my applications.

My Step-By-Step Method for OAT Success

his article was written by a young man, Paul Hill, who will be applying to optometry school in the upcoming admissions cycle. I asked him to write this article because of the terrific success he had taking the OAT.  I’ve asked his permission to report that he scored a 390 in the Academic Average and a 400 in the Total Science sections. With such solid scores, of course I asked him if he would share his OAT preparation method.