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SCCO Alumni Shadowing Program for Pre-Optometry Students

SCCO at Marshall B. Ketchum University is proud to announce a new program to assist pre-optometry students seeking shadowing experience. It’s been a long time in the making! Shadowing is key to both deciding if optometry is right for you and preparing to interview. Through this shadowing program of SCCO Alumni who have volunteered to… Read More ›

Webpage for Pre-optometry Students on www.OptometryStudents.com

I can’t recommend this site more highly! It’s a website designed by optometry students for optometry students (and pre-optometry students) with an invaluable peer perspective. To hear information in a voice that comes from both pre-optometry students and current optometry students goes a long way toward helping you form a perspective of yourself relative to… Read More ›

Shadowing and the Interview: Build Your House with Bricks!

To prepare for the interview, shadowing is the single most important experience you will need. The story you tell about your shadowing experience should be the key element of your response to that first interview question, “Why do you want to be an optometrist?” I see it year after year: the single biggest reason applicants… Read More ›

Adventures of a 4th Year Student: Episode 1 for Daniel Brinchman

As part of SCCO’s Clinical Outreach program and beginning in the summer quarter of each year, 4th year students begin their first of four clinical rotations.  This clinical program consists of 81 sites all over the U.S., with some sites in Canada, Japan, and Guam. Sites can be in private practice, medical clinics, on military… Read More ›

Great Resource for Pre-Optometry Students: OptometryStudents.com

A comprehensive resource researched and written by optometry students for pre-optometry students, OptometryStudents.com is one-stop shopping!  There is an entire section JUST for pre-optometry students. Here’s a screenshot of the home page.  Use the pull down menu under “Content” to find the pages designed for pre-optometry students: Here’s a great article about OAT preparation: OAT Preparation… Read More ›

The “How-To Guide” to Effective Shadowing: A Student Perspective

You finally decide to apply to optometry school. You make a commitment to complete your prerequisites, stay on top of your grades and take the OAT. All of your requirements seem to be complete… but what about shadowing? It’s not always a requirement for optometry school, yet all schools seem to highly recommend it. What… Read More ›

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