Minority Pre-Optometry Students Resources

Webpage for Pre-optometry Students on www.OptometryStudents.com

I can’t recommend this site more highly! It’s a website designed by optometry students for optometry students (and pre-optometry students) with an invaluable peer perspective.

To hear information in a voice that comes from both pre-optometry students and current optometry students goes a long way toward helping you form a perspective of yourself relative to the profession, which is THEE essential goal of shadowing. Yes, I said shadowing!

Most students think of shadowing too literally, meaning they limit the definition, the goal of shadowing, to spending time observing a doctor in action. Don’t make this mistake! Shadowing can take many forms from an informational interview done over the phone to reading blogs and especially, one like OptometryStudents.com. The ultimate goal of shadowing is to understand the profession well enough to be fired-up to join its ranks! This site will help with that objective.

There is one section, with information formatted especially for pre-optometry students: Just for Pre-optometry Students

My thanks go to Jade Mclachlin, currently an optometry-school applicant, who founded the pre-optometry club at Grant MacEwan University, for the many articles she has contributed. It just doesn’t get any better for one-stop-shopping than this!

Listed in no particular order, here’s just a sample of what is available. Click on the linked articles to read more:


“A Roadmap for Pre-optometry Students”


“Gaining Valuable Optometry Experience”


“What to Expect in the Year Preceding Optometry School–4 Part Series”


“Insight and Advice from a Young OD–2 Part Series”

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  1. Hey everyone! Jane Ann, thank you for posting this! I would love for any pre-optometry students to head over and comment on the articles they have questions about. We will be glad to give you prompt and reliable answers to help you on your journey to SCCO!

    -Matt Geller O.D, Admin for OptometryStudents.com

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