Minority Pre-Optometry Students Resources

Great Resource for Pre-Optometry Students: OptometryStudents.com

Optometrystudents.com1A comprehensive resource researched and written by optometry students for pre-optometry students, OptometryStudents.com is one-stop shopping!  There is an entire section JUST for pre-optometry students.

Here’s a screenshot of the home page.  Use the pull down menu under “Content” to find the pages designed for pre-optometry students:


Here’s a great article about OAT preparation: OAT Preparation Tips from Pre-Optometry Students Who Took the OAT

Here’s terrific article about Shadowing:  Shadowing Tips Written by Shadowing Pre-Optometry Students

You’ll be inspired by these optometry students who are just a little bit farther down the same path you plan to travel!

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