10 Steps to Becoming a Competitive Applicant

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Dr. Jane Ann Munroe and Eryn Kraning who make up the admissions team at MBKU

Recently revised, I offer up our time-honored formula for success, 10 Steps .  Eryn Kraning, Director of Admissions, and myself, Dr. Jane Ann Munroe, Assistant Dean of Admissions, make up the admissions advising team here at MBKU.  These are objectives you should aim for!

I wrote the first edition of 10 Steps back in 2007 after being prompted by my then SCCO work-study 2nd year student.  She thought I should come up with 10 things I thought would help applicants get his or her brain wrapped around the process of becoming the best applicant he or she could possible be.  She explained her idea, “You know, Dr. Munroe, like an article about the 10 ways to better abs, you should write one like that.”  Thus, “Ten Steps”, was conceived!  

Note: The recommendations for GPAs and OAT scores outlined in 10 Steps are not what you need to get accepted; rather, they are objectives to aim for and will most definitely make you a competitive applicant for our program.

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