Pre-Optometry Student Spotlight

Our Students Harness Grit to Excel

With a topic that does indeed influence the way admissions committees evaluate canidates, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance  by Angela Duckworth is a New York Times bestseller.

The message is one that confirms what admissions officers have learned through experience:  the secret to an applicant’s  achievement is not talent or academic prowess, but rather it is a special blend of passion and persistence.

Duckworth has dubbed this quality “grit.”

MBKU’s latest Ketchum Magazine article, featured are eight MBKU students, three are SCCO optometry students.  The stories reveal the adversity each student had to overcome to pursue their  goals of becoming optometry students.

Here are the stories of Michael Georging, SCCO ’19, Diana Nguyen, SCCO ’19, and Alexander Paradis, SCCO 19.  Click on the image to access each story:

Michael Goering


Alexander Paradis Diana Nguyen











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