Advice for Applicants from New SCCO Grad, Steven Hoffman, OD

Steven Hoffman, OD, a recent SCCO grad, just started a YouTube channel. It’s voiced for any student considering optometry as a career choice. It’s full of advice about how to get into optometry school for applicants too .

Dr. Hoffman comes from several generations of optometrists. Not only was his grandfather an optometrist, but both of his parents are optometrists and met as classmates in optometry school. He’s already had many experiences with the profession as he explains in this video series.

Dr. Hoffman is completing residency training in pediatric vision and vision rehabilitation. He goes into the in’s and out’s of how he successfully applied to optometry school and with especially great tips on preparing for the OAT.

His videos are concise, chocked full of information, fast-paced, and entertaining. So you won’t miss out, subscribe to his YouTube channel, DoctorHoff Discusses, and opt to get notifications when his videos are published.

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