Married Students Club

As the spouse of an OD student, you’ll find yourself in a practice examination chair on more than one occasion during the 4 years it takes you to get your SOD degree (Spouse of an OD).  Although you may not be the one studying for tests or taking exams, your role as the support staff for your significant other in a professional program is an important one. But where do you find YOUR support staff? 

One of the many great clubs on campus is the MBKU Married Students Club (MSC and formerly known as the Student Spouse Association).  This club is an excellent way for married students from all programs, their spouses and children, to walk alongside one another through the rigorous years of professional school. This club is typically hosted by 2 spouses who coordinate everything from a Welcome Brunch during orientation weekend to BBQs and date nights throughout the year. They’ve also been known to throw baby showers and bring food to blurry eyed new parents when a little one joins the MBKU family.

Steve Kleen and Family

Steve Kleen, Class of 2015, an OD student shown here with his family…


Dialogue 2

Sample dialogue from the Student Spouse Association Facebook Group


The MSC provides support all throughout your time at MBKU and is especially helpful during the months leading up to orientation as students secure local housing for the fall.

Here’s a comment from an upperclassman, married student, reaching out to offer help to incoming students:

“Awesome! It’s a super exciting time. We’re stoked to meet you guys too! Let us know if you need any help on moving day unloading a UHaul or anything like that. I can probably get a few other guys to come along and get things done faster if you’d like. Just say when!” 2nd Year OD student, Adam Rosa, who is married with 1 child and another on the way

Class of 2017's Adam Rosa at MBKU's White Coat Ceremony with his wife Brittany and daughter Joselyn

Class of 2017’s Adam Rosa at MBKU’s White Coat Ceremony with his wife Brittany and daughter Joselyn

The MSC is organized on Facebook where, as soon as they are accepted, incoming students and their spouses are encouraged to join the Group and start getting to know their future classmates and colleagues, and well, just plain friends…

…and possibly even an extra set of hands for move-in day!


Sample dialogue from the Married Students Club Facebook Group


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