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Allison Takeda

Much like my counterpart, Eryn Kraning, I never wanted to be an optometrist either. My weak stomach prefers to stick to medicine from afar…far being in crime shows and movies. However, I’ve always been around medicine because my father received his Doctorate of Optometry from the Illinois College of Optometry and my mother has always worked in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Quite unlike my science-minded parents, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. However, my first semester of college, I took a Political Science course and it was right at the time California was going through a governmental upheaval. There was way too much for my brain to handle so I decided I need to pick another route immediately. That’s when I decided I wanted to be an English teacher. I love reading and can find myself time warped through an 18th century British novel or lost in translation of a Lewis Carroll poem. I attacked literature with a vengeance and soon realized how much I loved everything about my English degree. I even went so far as to earn a teaching credential and Master of English. All that paper qualifies me to teach from kindergarten through community college. Still, as I stepped farther into the education industry, I realized that on an everyday basis in the classroom, that’s not my place.

We’re about to take another turn here now. I decided to go to business school and earn my Master of Business Administration. I became interested in marketing because I felt my acquired ability to tell a story would also allow me to promote a product. As my MBA progressed, I felt that I should do something that I’m really passionate about. What else could that be besides sports? After completing projects and internships for local professional sports teams, I decided that I love sports, but I don’t want it to be my job. I want to enjoy the passion I have for my teams. Right as I was about to toss my hands up and go back to teaching high school English, I found MBKU. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity I have to advise incoming graduate students. I’ve been in your shoes and asked your questions (three times!). But now I can help answer them. I have finally found my niche between education and business that allows me to advise you on how to be a competitive applicant for MBKU.