OAT Prep Materials for Sale?

If you have any OAT preparation materials for sale, feel free to leave your posting here!

To post an ad, scroll down to the end of this page and use the dialogue box (reply) to enter your ad information. Include your name and contact information (email, phone number, etc) in the body of your ad so that other students may contact you directly.

To ask sellers questions, please contact them directly using contact information each has provided.

After your materials sell, please  email Dr. Munroe (jmunroe@ketchum.edu) and she will delete your post. Ads and comments will automatically be deleted after one year but feel free to repost your ad if your materials haven’t sold.  Thank you!

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  1. I am selling Kaplan books:
    1 Newer (about 3 years old) Lesson book
    1 Older Lesson book
    2 complete sets of OAT flash cards (1 set is still in it’s original plastic packaging)
    3 GRE (verbal/math) workbooks

    1 DAT Destroyer Study Guide
    1 set MCAT flashcards
    and miscellaneous OAT/DAT diagnostic materials

    I am in the orange county area and am looking to sell all my materials together. I’ll give you a great deal if you’re in the area! Message me and I can send you pictures of all my materials.

  2. I am selling about 7 kaplan OAT test prep books that range from 2015 – 2017 with lesson, strategies, practice tests, and review. Also I have hundreds of flash cards. Let me know if you are interested in all of some of this material!

  3. – I am selling my OAT Destroyer Supreme package 2017 Version .
    This package contains Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, and Quantitative Reasoning sections in one bound book. Then, it also has a whole book dedicated to the Physics section of the OAT. Then, there is another book dedicated completely to the Quantitive reasoning section of the OAT(Math).

    – I am selling my Kaplan OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests.

    I am interested in selling the whole package for around 230 but I am willing to negotiate! I would also sell these two items INDIVIDUALLY

    Email me at jstallone7@aol.com for pricing and shipping details!

  4. Does anyone have the OAT Destroyer Ultimate or Supreme Packages?
    The Ultimate Package includes:
    -OAT Destroyer (Gen Chem, O-Chem, Biology, & Quantitative Reasoning)
    -Physics Destroyer
    -Organic Chemistry Odyssey

    The Supreme Package is the Ultimate plus Math Destroyer

    Please e-mail: amy.cantrell@ou.edu

  5. I am selling

    – OAT Destroyer 2015 version (Ochem, General Chem, Biology, and Math)
    – OAT Destroyer 2015 version Physics
    – Oat Destroyer 2015 Math destroyer
    – Huge Kaplan Review Notes book + Kaplan lesson book + flashcards
    – Cracking OAT Physics extensive

    All in good condition/ like new. Please email if interested! Preferably bundled together for $300 including shipping.

  6. Selling:
    – OAT Destroyer 2017 (Bio, Chem, OChem, QR)
    – Physics Destroyer 2017
    – Kaplan OAT Prep Book w/ Practice Tests
    – Mometrix OAT Secrets Study Guide w/ Practice Test + Practice Qs
    – Gold Standard OAT Physics w/ Full-Length Practice Test + Practice Qs
    *All brand new / like new condition! Please email me at jenniferzhao1@hotmail.com for details.

  7. For sale:

    – Cracking the OAT – the Princeton Review (Physics, Math, Reading Comp, Biology, General & Organic Chemistry) with practice questions and answers (brand new with no writing/highlighting)

    2015 Kaplan OAT Set which includes:
    – OAT Review Notes (excellent condition with writing)
    – OAT Lesson Book (filled out with the lesson material from the Kaplan online course)
    – Dry erase board
    – General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning, Biology and Physics Flashcards (all in order and separated by rubber bands)
    – Kaplan Study Tips/Formula sheets for all 5 subjects
    – Printed Kaplan “ReKaps” that highlight the key material to memorize for all 5 subjects

    Price for EVERYTHING is $250 but willing to negotiate.

    Contact me with questions, offers, and for pictures of the books/materials at giovannagiovannone@gmail.com

    Best of luck to all of you in your studies!

  8. Selling brand new Kaplan OAT test prep materials. Includes review notes, lesson book, flashcards, and whiteboard.
    – Also selling separately, brand new Kaplan OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests: Online + Book

    Email ericka.garcia25@gmail.com if interested.

  9. Hello!

    I am looking to just buy the physics destroyer book. I’m studying for the mcat and found the orgo odyssey book very helpful. Hoping this will be too!
    Thank you!

  10. Selling:
    Kaplan Prep book (5th edition) and complete OAT destroyer package (2012 version). All writing erased. Some highlighting in Kaplan book. $100 OBO, plus shipping.

  11. Selling 2017-2018 Kaplan OAT complete study materials package. Includes Review Notes book, Lesson Book, dry erase noteboard, dry erase marker, and flashcards for every subject. None of the materials have highlighting, writing, etc. and are in perfect condition and essentially unused. Contact me to discuss pricing or any other relevant information. I am more than happy to provide images upon request. Good luck to all of you in your studies!

  12. Selling:

    *OAT Destroyer Dynamite 2017 (5 books) which includes:
    -OAT Destroyer package of Organic Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning and General Chemistry
    -General Chemistry Destroyer
    -Organic Chemistry Odyssey.
    -MATH Destroyer. The Math Destroyer contains 720 math problems divided into 18 tests each with 40 questions.

    Can either be sold as a package or separately. Only physics book has been gently used in pencil (will erase upon purchase). Original bundle worth $399.95 and I am willing to reduce price because of Physics.

    *NEW Kaplan OAT 2016 Strategies, Practice, and Review. Contains 2 practice tests and online resources.

    *Kaplan flashcards and Review Notes for $150 (from the expensive $1499 Kaplan test prep live online).

    All prices negotiable! Contact me with questions, offers, and for pictures of the books! My email is jina.chong84@gmail.com

    Available for pickup if you live in some parts of LA area. Otherwise I could ship to you!

  13. Selling:

    – 2 Kaplan review books (I got them used so there’s some writing in it)
    – OAT destroyer (no writing in them)
    -> ochem, chem, bio, math, physics, ochem odyssey books

    Contact info: jthai005@ucr.edu

  14. Selling-
    Kaplan Review Book: No highlighting, no penciling (Actually, I might have underlined something on one or two pages)
    Kaplan Lesson Book: Filled out with lesson material from Kaplan certified instructor (helpful)
    Kaplan Flashcard set: Used but like new
    Mometric Flashcard set: Unused

    Mometric flashcards alone are $66 on amazon.

    Selling EVERYTHING for $100 or best offer. You pay shipping. email pstifter@gmail.com

  15. Kaplan OAT (2015/2014 bought in 2017 as was informed same material) like new (no writing) notes and lesson book. Flash card & a review set as well as dry erase board with marker (sealed) included. Price starting at 120 and is negotiable. (Shipping excluded) Located in central NJ
    Willing to hear ALL OFFERS
    email- omdesai2003@yahoo.com

  16. Selling OAT studying materials:
    1) OAT Destroyer 2016: O Chem, General Chem, Bio, and QR (good condition & no writing)
    2) OAT Destroyer 2016: Physics (good condition & no writing)
    3) Kaplan 2015 (some writing & highlights)

    Email me if you’re interested: yuriannahou@gmail.com (I’m from the Los Angeles area)

  17. Hello, I am selling my OAT KAPLAN study materials and DAT/OAT DESTROYER including all lesson books, study guides, and practice tests. All supplemental materials included. I have a set of flash cards already made and 1 new in package with plastic you can make yourself.

    Please email me if you are interested at: ericxleung@gmail.com

  18. Selling all the materials that came with the Kaplan OAT course! Includes huge book of review notes, lesson book, study sheets, and flash cards. I bought them from Kaplan this year so they should be the newest edition. There is no writing on anything. Email me at gigigeanna@gmail.com if you are interested.

  19. Hello! I’m selling the OAT Destroyer 2014 books (Chem/Bio/QR, Math) & Kaplan OAT Review Notes together for $100 OBO (shipping not included)! All books in really good condition, no markings in any of the books, very light highlighting only in the Kaplan. Based in Ontario, Canada.

    Email me at mysticshadows31@hotmail.com if interested!

  20. – Selling Kaplan OAT test prep materials. Includes review notes, lesson book, flashcards, and whiteboard. Will also include Kaplan OAT 2009-2010 edition which has two full-length practice exams.
    – Also selling separately, brand new Kaplan OAT 2017-2018 Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests: Online + Book

    Email ericka.garcia25@gmail.com if interested.

  21. Hi all,
    I’m selling my Kaplan OAT 5th edition (with 2 exams)- book has some minor writings/highlights in it. Very good condition.
    Please message me if interested
    email address: ravi_gaya@hotmail.com, I live in Montreal, Canada.
    Price is negotiable.


  22. Hi I’m from Canada and my name is Sabs and I’m selling the following books. I am now going into Optometry school this fall and these books are what helped me. If you purchase them I will also include all the notes I made from using Chad’s videos. I took detailed notes and even wrote out all the questions and solutions, so you will save lots of money following them instead of paying for the subscription!

    Kaplan OAT 5th edition – 2 exams

    Cracking the OAT – 2 exams

    The Gold Standard OAT Physics – 1 exam

    I took a online prep course that really helped me, which included these books:
    Kaplan OAT Lesson Book
    Kaplan OAT Review Notes
    Kaplan OAT flashcards
    1 Dry erase board

    Contact me for prices (which are very LOW) and if you have any other Optometry related questions I would be happy to help 🙂


  23. Selling Kaplan OAT big review book – 2016. I have two copies in perfect condition.
    I received a 350 on my OATs because of these bad boys! Let me know if you are interested.
    Email: kevins22194@gmail.com

  24. I am selling my study materials, including:
    OAT Destroyer (2015, with NO writing inside, pristine condition!)
    Kaplan OAT Review (5th Edition)
    Cracking the OAT (Princeton Review)

    I got a 390 on my OAT thanks to these books and self-studied with no outside classes or help. I strongly recommend them! Message me if interested!! I’d be happy to help with other tips/advice on the application process as well.

  25. Selling 2012 Kaplan OAT test prep materials which include review notes, lesson book, and flash cards. All in great condition.

    I also have separate notes I took from listening to Chad’s Videos which comes with practice problems. I will throw this in as well.

    If interest please email: mktran29@gmail.com

  26. Kaplan OAT lesson book 2015
    Kaplan OAT Review notes 2015
    Kaplan OAT 5th edition – 2 exams
    Kaplan OAT flashcards
    1 Dry erase board

    They’re all in fairly good condition with writing in them. I will be selling this for $70. If you need pics I could do that too! I live in San Jose, so I can always meet locally if you’re in the Bay Area!

    My email is cqhuynh424@gmail.com

  27. Selling:
    OAT review Notes (Kaplan 2013)
    OAT Lesson book (Kaplan 2013)

    Both books have writing/highlighting in it. i also have the flashcards and the Study sheets for each section.

    Asking Price $50. will send pictures too if needed
    I live in La Crescenta and will meet with you locally. Email me at armenia248@yahoo.com

  28. SELLING:

    OAT Destroyer Includes Physic
    Math Destroyer
    Organic Chemistry Odyssey
    A total of four books.

    I bought this for 318. I never used it and its just collecting dust. I am willing to sell it for 250. If you can pick it up from my location, we can negotiate the price! I can provide proof of purchase if necessary.

  29. Hello!
    I’m selling the following:
    $100 ~ Kaplan OAT package that includes the Review Notes, Lesson Book, Flash Cards, and Whiteboard. I have 2 sets one is the 2015 version has a few notes in the books and the 2016 version is brand new.
    $20 ~ The Princeton Review Cracking the OAT
    $10 ~ Mometrix OAT Practice Questions Book

    Email me mlazo2@aol.com if interested and feel free to ask for any advice. I am in the San Fernando area in LA but can ship!

  30. I’m selling Optometry/Dental Admission study material! I have the 2016 OAT destroyer with math and physics as well, 2011 DAT destroyer with math. I also have the Kaplan 2015 strategies, practice, and Review. Princeton Cracking the OAT Review. The Kaplan flash cards and flash notes included. I also have additional notes from a dental student that helped! You can email me at zraniyah@gmail.com for more information and pictures!

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