OAT Prep Recommendation: Chad’s Videos

I’ve received an endorsement of Chad’s Videos from an applicant who performed very well on the OAT.  I thought her comments were worthy of a blog article.

This applicant explained that at SCCO’s Spring Admissions Open House, she heard a SCCO student endorse these videos/teaching tool explaining that it was the preferred method she used to prepare to take the OAT. She explained to me that she had never heard of Chad’s Videos before, and so she immediately went online to check them out. Here is a link to testimonials about Chad’s Videos located online.

These are points this applicant made about Chad’s videos:

  • They are interactive which enhances learning and better retention
  • There are both quizzes and full examinations available online for practice
  • There are many of tips about test taking and effective study habits provided
  • $50 per month is a reasonable fee considering all the content that was provided
  • She explains that  these videos were her preferred and most effective method for OAT preparation

I am just passing along this information to all of you out there studying for the OAT. I have no proprietary interest in Chad’s Videos and cannot endorse this service myself because I have not used it.


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