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SCCO Valedictorian ’18 Moena Dean: Embracing the Joys of a Young Family on her OD Journey

In an article from Ketchum Magazine, Moena Dean, graduating from SCCO this spring, explains how she successfully completed her term as a student.Dean and Family

And not just any student!

Moena gave birth to a son and daughter while she was an optometry student and still performed academically well enough to be valedictorian for her Class of 2018.

Here’s her story…

By Pamela Martineau for Ketchum Magazine

At first glance, the journey of Moena Dean, SCCO Class of ’18, to graduation May 23, 2018 from MBKU’s Southern California College of Optometry might appear especially stressful. The 2018 class valedictorian gave birth to her two children — now ages three and one — while in optometry school. But Dean says her young family — and the joy they brought her — actually provided stress relief and intensified her sense of mission as she pursued her degree in a profession she loves.

“I remember my daughter chewing on my textbook or playing with my pen when I was studying,” says Dean. “Some days were really hard, but I was glad I had my family to de-stress me, make me smile and laugh, and really support me.”

Looking back over her four years in school, Dean says she feels immensely grateful for the support of her husband, Corbin, and the joy of her children Pearia and Kosta, and the family dog Kasha. The students and faculty at SCCO also were amazingly supportive, she says. 

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