Resources for Black Pre-Optometry Students

The Black Eyecare Perspective (BEP):

Black Eyecare Perspective was designed and created to cultivate and foster lifelong relationships between African Americans and the eyecare industry.

To increase the number of leaders of black addressing the biases in the eyecare industry.

To help eyecare professionals and companies stay effective and relevant in a forever changing landscape by aligning their values based on equity and inclusion within the eyecare industry.

To help facilitate better dialogue between non-minority eyecare professionals and the black demographic in an eyecare setting.

The BEP’s pre-optometry club is open to high school juniors/seniors and all undergraduate students. The club meets on the 13th of every month in the evening.

2020-09-10 16_31_17-Black EyeCare Perspective (BEP) Pre-Optometry Club_Mentorship Program and Impact

2020-09-10 16_55_05-Black Eyecare Perspective _ A Resource for Black Eyecare Professionals

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