Working Together, Making It Happen

SCCO Faculty Pull Together to Problem-Solve Amid Supply Chain Issues

“Really? We’re still working through the COVID curveballs?” This was my first thought on equipment distribution day when we learned that our retinoscopes weren’t here due to supply chain issues. This might not be an issue at most schools, but at SCCO, first-year students learn to use this equipment on the first day of class: five days after, we discovered the equipment wasn’t coming for several more WEEKS. Bad news: COVID curveball. Good news: we’ve been knocking these curveballs out of the park for over two years.

Ordered months in advance, supply chain delays left us figuring out how to solve the missing retinoscopes problem for the first-year class. Our AWESOME faculty members jumped into action. A few faculty members sent emails and texts requesting to borrow equipment until our shipment arrived. They created Google docs to track who was borrowing what, charging stations for extra battery packs, and successfully saved the day for the students who would use the equipment on the very first day of Optometry School.

When problems arise, we can complain and make problems worse or take a lesson from our faculty: pull together and make success happen! Thank you, SCCO Faculty. You are our heroes!

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