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The Generosity of Student Ambassadors, by Caleb Liu

A series of articles written by SCCO Student Ambassadors.

The Generosity of Student Ambassadors

by SCCO Student Ambassador, Caleb Liu

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Applying to optometry school was nerve-racking, partly because the process wasn’t easy but mostly because I was not confident in myself as an applicant. I compared myself to others who had more knowledge about optometry, more experience in the field, and more things on their resumes. I thought I was doing myself a favor by comparing myself because I thought I could do what others have done to place myself on the same level as them. Unfortunately, it just took a toll on my confidence.
With doubts and damaged confidence, I reached out to SCCO for help. I had considered this school because my childhood optometrist was an alumnus, and I looked up to him. There, I connected with the one and only Eryn Kraning, who not only advised me on my application timeline but also spoke words of encouragement when I presented my worries. I got to experience the perfect combination of professionalism and kindness from a staff member whom I had barely met!
From there, I had the opportunity to connect with a Student Ambassador, Andrew, from SCCO. I got to express my concerns and ask my burning questions plainly, and every time, I was met with kindness, support, and of course, answers. As current students who publicly represented the school advised me and answered my questions, the doubts that I had begun to dwindle. I regained confidence in myself as an applicant, not merely by others’ words but by the truths that were in their words.
Sometime later, I connected with another Student Ambassador, Elieen, through a vision screening event we attended. I asked her questions about the application process, and she shared her stories at SCCO, and I expected nothing else. But out of her kindness, she extended an invitation to tour the MBKU campus informally! I realized this was the nature of the community at SCCO: to be the first to offer help and to overwhelm others with the kindness that stems from the heart of this community. I connected with more Student Ambassadors directly in person and indirectly through Zoom gatherings. Each had the common denominator of opening their hands to help. Because they are also students, their advice is genuine and impactful. Their approachable attitude and compassion for others allow people like me, who have questions, struggles, and doubts, to clearly see how unique and valuable each applicant is.
My experience connecting with the Student Ambassadors and faculty is among the many beautiful ways that led me straight into SCCO. I encourage you to reach out and talk with the community at SCCO. You will discover and experience the joys of interacting with them. I can testify today that the people at SCCO, from the faculty to students, are beautiful both inside out and from their personalities to their hearts; they make up the SCCO family that serves as the foundation of this school’s distinction, excellence, and legacy.
Lastly, I want to publicly honor my mom, who empowered me and gave me the most significant breakthrough in contacting SCCO. As a Christian, my mom would use the Bible to encourage me. During my battle between my confidence and self, she asked me if I felt inadequate and incapable of being a strong applicant.“Yes,” I said. Then she asked me to recall the Bible story of when Jesus fed the five thousand and performed one of the Bible’s greatest miracles, and she told me, “Just offer the little you have, your five bread and two fish, and give it to Jesus.”From that moment, I moved forward to contact SCCO; the rest was history.
Please reach out to me if you have questions or want to talk!
I will be here for you. My email is
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