Would You Recommend the Kaplan Course–If So, Which One?

This is a question asked on SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students.  Bulleted, you will find answers from both SCCO students and Facebook Group members:

For those who took the Kaplan course, would you recommend it? And if yes, which one did you take? I’m currently wondering if the “Classroom Anywhere” is just as helpful as the “Classroom On Site.” Thanks! 

  • Unless you’re really motivated to sit down and study on your own, I would definitely recommend the Kaplan course! I took the Classroom on Site and it was great to have an instructor there to guide you through a lot of the concepts (most of which I forgot since it had been YEARS since I last took a lot of the classes) and to ask them questions in person since I’m more of a visual learner. I can’t vouch for the Classroom Anywhere option since I didn’t take it but you still have to allot a 3 hour time slot to sit in front of a computer and go through the practice book. I know if you have a really busy schedule, that option is much easier on your schedule since you don’t have to go to a Kaplan center or if you don’t live near one. Both offer online quizzes and practice exams which I found to be the best resources.   Jennifer Lee, SCCO Class of 2016
  • I agree with Jennifer Lee, I would 100% recommend the Kaplan Classroom on Site course. Not only do they force you to study on a set schedule by going to classes, but the instructors give you pointers here and there. They also work hard to make sure you understand all the concepts that are being covered in the book. The Classroom Anywhere option lacks that instructor/classroom component, but it does have helpful videos on each section that you would have to take the time to watch. You would also have access to these same videos if you decide to go the Classroom on Site route. You should definitely take the online practice quizzes and exams. Your scores really help you pinpoint what your strengths and weaknesses are. Hope this helps!  Grace Liao, SCCO Class of 2016
  • Yes, The Kaplan course On Site is really good to keep you on track in terms of studying but again, it really is what you make of it. I was taking a couple other classes at the same time as the Kaplan course and found that I sort of put the class on the back burner so I had to take a couple weeks after the course to focus on ONLY the OAT. If you take the On Site course, I recommend taking it with a really light course load or no other courses at all just so you really get your monies worth and you, for example, can study for each section before class and then review after class.  Patty Durongwong, SCCO Class of 2016
  •  I would definitely recommend taking the Classroom On Site Kaplan course because the face to face interaction with your teacher will help you ultimately! If I ever had any questions, I could ask them right after class, and they also gave me plenty of helpful hints and strategies for exam day. The OAT is a very long exam, so the teachers usually give lots of tidbits about how to survive it!  Connie Tan, SCCO Class of 2016
  • I took the “Classroom Anywhere” Kaplan course and I felt that I was able to learn just as well as if I were in a real classroom. It’s nice because as the instructor lectures, you have a “TA” that you can instantly message anytime you are confused and might miss something. It’s really great because you don’t have to disturb anyone else in the class, especially the main instructor. When you are in a classroom setting the instructor lectures, and you have homework you must do on your own. So I felt that there wasn’t that much of a difference. Also I chose this option because I had to go on vacation and could sit down and still take my OAT course from a different state.
  • I also took the “Classroom Anywhere” Kaplan course. I found it as helpful as a real classroom, but with more convenience! They don’t offer an On Site course where I live, and the online lessons allowed me to work at my own pace, from vacation, etc. The Anywhere course still has a syllabus, so you know exactly what was expected of you; I don’t believe it took more motivation to study than the On Site course. I’m sure it is great to have an instructor in person, but if you need a more flexible schedule or don’t have the option, the Classroom Anywhere class is a great alternative. I ended up doing just as well as I hoped on the OAT.
  • I think this depends on your learning style. If you have taken online courses before and know that it’s better for you to study at your own pace, then go for it. Personally, I took the “Classroom On-site” and really liked the benefit of talking to the instructors in person. I do believe you have full access to the resources at a Kaplan center near you with the “Anywhere” class so you could go to their “office hours” either way (I would double check since it will be more difficult to ask questions about equations and diagrams over online chat). I also liked using their computer lab to take my online practice exams because it gave it more of a realistic feel than if I were to take them on my computer at home.  Michelle Biaggi, SCCO Class of 2016

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