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Eye Care Center Spotlight: Dr. Julie Schornack

SCCO's Eye Care Center at night....

SCCO’s Eye Care Center at night….

This is the first episode in a new YouTube series, “Eye Care Center Spotlight,” which  features various aspects of SCCO’s on-campus Eye Care Center.  The series will help potential students learn about the Eye Care Center and what it has to offer in clinical education.  Learn about the facility, its technology, and the scope of its patient base.   For the interview, the series will help applicants articulate the various features of the Eye Care Center they found appealing and why they chose SCCO’s optometric program.

Patient reception at SCCO's on-campus Eye Care Center

Patient reception at SCCO’s on-campus Eye Care Center

First up is Dr. Julie Schornack, Vice President of Clinical Affairs, and Assistant Professor.  She gives an overview of the facility, its patient demographic, and other information a potential student may find interesting.

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