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Dress for Success: Necktie Giveaway Hosted by MBKU Campus Store


“Free neckties? Whaaaaat?”

“Ties, Ties, Ties, and More,” the now annual event sponsored by our the MBKU Campus Store. It’s a giveaway of neckties, suits, and shirts, a.k.a mandatory attire for student doctors who are being trained to deliver patient care.

Yes, we realize that neckties are not a customary item in the undergrad students’ wardrobe. That’s why Campus Store operations organizes this event, to give away clinic attire to all comers—necktie wearers or not!


MBKU Students are lined to be first to grab especially those free neckties!

Not only are wardrobe items given away, but other freebies include memorabilia, posters, and even some  clinical equipment such as occluders and penlights.

This has turned into quite an event. Now there are cookies too! Even the lecturing professor for the first year optometry students excused them for 20 minutes so they could scrimmage for free neckties. You can see our students as they are lined up and ready to go at it!


Yes, our women want ties too!



Never expected to see students waiting in line to get free neckties? Yeah, me neither!


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