Last Minute Tips Before Taking the OAT?

This is a question asked on SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students (http://www.facebook.com/groups/SCCOadmissions/).  Bulleted, you will find answers from both SCCO students and Facebook Group members:

I’m taking the OAT tomorrow at 12:45pm, does anyone have any last minute tips or specific things I absolutely need to know. Thanks.”

  • “RELAX and review things for a bit in the morning to build up confidence.  You get a fifteen minute optional break after reading comprehension. Plan your bathroom break accordingly.”
  • “Stay in the moment! Many times when faced with a difficult task, we start doing all the “what if” stuff–“What if I don’t know enough physics?” or “What if my mind goes blank?” All that thinking just makes you feel like a helpless little kid who is at the mercy of the system. Don’t GO THERE! Trust in your abilities, your drive, your confidence and YOURSELF! Stay in the moment and picture yourself as clearly able to triumph and CONQUER THE OAT! We feel helpless when we picture ourselves being overwhelmed. That’s thinking that comes when we leave the moment! Stay in the moment, face the task at hand and KILL IT! (I wish I could use stronger language if you know what I mean!!!)”

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