Accessing Practice OATs

This is a discussion taken from SCCO’s Facebook Group for Pre-optometry Students.  Students talk about how to access practice OAT tests.

Purple Thursdays at SCCO where the entire campus community wears school colors (purple and gold–just like the Lakers).

Question:   I was wondering where is the best place to take OAT practice tests?

Answer #1:  I would go to the local university library and head straight to the top floor or the “silent study floor.”  I would use one of their computers, put some earplugs in and have at it.  I feel that it is important to get out of the comfort zone of your house to get another perspective as you will have in the testing center.

Question Clarification:  Sorry, I meant “where” as in any websites that offer practice tests.  I know Kaplan gives out practice tests but you have to be signed up for their class to have access to these tests.

Answer #2:   Kaplan does offer free practice exams periodically throughout the year. If you go to your university’s pre-health center and ask about Kaplan testing days or go to Kaplan’s website, you can find out where and when they offer a free exam. They often take place on a university campus during the weekend. These days are often for all different types of Kaplan exams (LSAT, GRE, DAT, MCAT, and so), but you would be in a room with other pre-optometry students. This is the best way I could do a practice exam for free, but there could be other resources out there.

Answer #3:  So I think this might be the same practice test that Dr. Jane Ann Munroe gives out but I found it really helpful:  https://www.ada.org/oat/oat_sample_test.pdf

I also found this study guide which goes through how to go about answering each type of question for each section. I think it’s especially helpful if you’re one of us who struggles with standardized testing: http://www.studyguidezone.com/pdfs/oatteststudyguide.pdf

Take advantage of free practice tests at universities that Kaplan gives. It’s one of the only ways to get a really accurate feeling of what the test will be like.  If you can’t make it to one of those though, try finding free tests online.  Some sites might only offer practice tests for some sections of the OAT but you can compile an entire test by going to different sites!  Hope this helps!

Answer #4:  Another thing I just remember during my practice sessions: do not listen to music. Where the clothes you would wear to the official exam. Take official breaks between the designated sections. And, if you really want to condition your body, eat the same snack during your break! Like playing a sport, doing dance, or acting in a play, practicing repeatedly in the same way as your final performance helps to reinforce good behavior.

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