The Interview

Filmed Applicant Interview

Still our most popular video series on SCCO’s Admissions YouTube channel, the Applicant Interview (five part series) is a great resource for those preparing to interview.  It is an unscripted reenactment of an actual interview with two of SCCO faculty members who are regular interview panelists.  In this video, interviewing faculty engage the applicant in an authentic exchange.  Filmed in real time with a then SCCO first year student, Jackie Vu, who agreed to go through the process once again for the benefit of helping applicants who are ramping-up for this process.  It is typical of an actual SCCO applicant interview.

To improve your own interviewing responses, it is recommended that you watch the video, pause it after each interview question is asked, formulate your own response, and speculate how you would answer before you listen to Jackie’s response. This should help you cultivate insight as to what you think the interviewers are asking versus how you perceived the question.  It’s the perfect dress rehearsal for the interview.

For the sake of the YouTube format, the filmed interview is divided into four parts with the fifth part being a debriefing dialogue. In is in this fifth section that interviewing faculty exchange observations about Jackie’s responses to the interview questions.  Don’t miss this last part or you’ll miss the valuable insights as to the way interviewing faculty perceived the exchange, which will help you gain insight into why they ask the questions they ask.

I watch many interviews–I was pleased with the outcome of this video because it represents a very typical applicant interview.  It will be a valuable resource no matter where you interview.

Use these links to access the various parts of the Applicant Interview Series:


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