Poll: How SCCO’s Incoming Students Prepared to Take the OAT

Judging from the number of hits on blog topics related to OAT preparation, it’s a popular topic right now.  I thought this information might be helpful:  how SCCO’s incoming class (last season) prepared for taking the OAT.

Here are Polled results from SCCO’s incoming class for Fall 2013: OAT Preparation Questionnaire Responses

As per the information summarized near at the end of this PDF, many students had to take the OAT at least twice.  Be advised when planning a timeline strategy for taking the OAT:   make sure you include a plan to repeat the OAT—if necessary—and still not be too late for rolling admissions.

SCCO uses rolling admissions:  the admissions cycle runs from July 1 to March 15.  Interviews begin the 1st week in October.  As applicants interview successfully, seats in the incoming class are gradually start filling.  Because there is a 90 day mandatory wait time to retake the OAT, ideally an applicant would take the OAT the first time no later than September 15th. This would provide plenty of leeway should he or she need to retake it and STILL not be too late to be competitive in a rolling admissions cycle.  If one takes the OAT later in the admissions cycle (later than December 1st) and needs to retake it, the 90 day wait would make an application late—not ideal for rolling admissions.

For more information about rolling admissions, visit the FAQs page, where in the first group of FAQs, you will find the FAQ titled “Rolling Admissions Explained.”

Any questions about the process or for the to request the FAQ “Timeline Strategy for Taking the OAT,” or “Rolling Admissions,” email your request to me at odadmissions@ketchum.edu 

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