4th Year Outreach Clinical Education Program

Student Lawrence Yu’s Blog: Fourth Year SCCO Clinical Rotations

Second only to Graduation Day, fourth year rotations are indisputably the most exciting months in a young optometrist’s educational years. In SCCO’s Outreach clinical program,  students are able to take hold of their education and customize their final year to fit their personal interests and professional goals. You are one step closer to being on your own, without the help of staff doctors and classmates, and you are treated even more like a colleague and less like a student.

Lawrence Yu, Class of 2015

Our class of 2015 is currently out on their first of four clinical outreach rotations, and former Class President, Lawrence Yu, has begun to chronicle his journey for all to see!

Lawrence has been writing for OptometryStudents.com for over a year now and has brought many captivating and informative articles to pre-optometry and current optometry students across the nation! His latest series—“The Rotations Experience”follows him through his first rotation at the Naval Medical Center of San Diego. He describes the many ways that his experiences there differ from those he has had at the on-campus University Eye Center (UEC) and some of the tips and tricks he is learning along the way.

Lawrence and Dr. Munson, AOA President, at Optometry's Meeting 2014

Lawrence and Dr. Munson, AOA President, at Optometry’s Meeting 2014

Lawrence’s experiences are a perfect example of what we strive to provide for our students at SCCO at MBKU. Quality education, accompanied by memorable experiences. Follow the links below to catch up and be sure to keep following his series! We can’t wait to see what San Diego and the rest of his year has in store!

The Rotations Experience, by Lawrence Yu
June 3, 2014

June 6, 2014
June 9, 2014
June 12, 2014

Other Articles by Lawrence on OptometryStudents.com

Read Lawrence’ article about SCCO classmate and  2014 Student Bowl Winner, David Nguyen.

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