Optometry: Good Work, Good Life

I practiced optometry for 30 years before joining the admin team here at MBKU. Nobody loves this profession more than I do. It has provided me with community, relationships, work-life balance allowing me to raise a family, mental stimulation, but above all, a true calling where I enjoyed the responsibility of striving to be worthy of my patients’ trust, the faith they put in me. Yes, optometry for me  has provided “good work” and a “good life,” and thus I am pleased to present this article featuring young optometrists who are just getting started in their careers.

Featured in is this article from ASCO’s blog are three of SCCO’s very own grads: two from the Class of 2014, Stephen Andersen, O.D. and Brian Park, O.D., and one from the Class of 2013, Rachel Lin, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O.

Read and be inspired by all that is ahead of you!

ASCO’s Latest Blog Article:  Optometry:  Good Work, Good Life


SCCO’s Class of 2014 Dr. Stephen Anderson who practices in Plano, Texas

When it comes to being a great career choice, optometry always makes the list.

SCCO's Class of 2014 Dr. Brian Park practices in Sacramento, California

SCCO’s Class of 2014 Dr. Brian Park practices in Sacramento, California

Literally. A variety of outlets, including the Washington Post, Kiplinger and CNN Money, routinely rank optometry with other vocations they deem, for example, “top industries for women entrepreneurs” or “best careers.” A big reason optometry gets noticed in this way is the satisfying work/life balance it can provide relative to other professions.

Read ASCO’s Blog Article

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