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Student David Nguyen Triumphs for SCCO in AOA’s Student Bowl!

Students face off in a battle of optometry wits and bragging rites! Here’s how AOA’s website tells the tale:

War paint, team outfits, loud cheers—things got pretty serious at the Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl. Students at this annual trivia event flexed their mental muscles and showed their school pride to the delight of the crowd and the amusement of fans in person and on social media. This year, David Nguyen of Southern California College of Optometry was the winner and the school took home bragging rights.

SCCO's David Nguyen is celebrated by classmates!

SCCO’s David Nguyen is celebrated by classmates! Student Brianna Kebo from Class of 2017 reports, “David was awesome!!! There was no competition. By the last round, he had double the points of his opponents!”

Here’s what SCCO students had to say:

In the sea of over 1000 students in attendance at the 23rd annual Varilux Optometry Student Bowl at Optometry’s Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, SCCO’s group of 40 students and faculty was small, but our cheers were loud, proud and could be heard all across the ballroom. Standing on our chairs for the whole duration of the event, we could not contain our excitement as we cheered on our contestant. – David Nguyen, Class of 2015

The picture of calm, cool and collected, David nailed every question without skipping a beat – the other contestants didn’t even stand a chance. When the final score was announced, it was no surprise that SCCO’s very own David Nguyen was the champion and bringing home the coveted bowl to MBKU. With a long overdue win in their hands, students, administrators, alumni and trustees are flying high on SCCO pride. Congratulations to David! Way to represent! –  Michelle Pham, Class of 2016, AOSA Trustee

David was awesome!!!  There was no competition. By the last round, he had double the points of his opponents! – Brianna Kebo, Class of 2017

David with Dr. Stanley Woo, Dean of SCCO

David with Dr. Stanley Woo, Dean of SCCO

What’s the Varilux Optometry Student Bowl?  Watch this short video:

Highlight’s from the 2013 Student Bowl:

Read a terrific article written by a fellow SCCO student about David and the event on

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